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Collection of Windows 3 Icons, including cartoon characters.
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Collection of Windows 3 Icons, including cartoon characters.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
123.ICO 766 113 deflated
ANDY.ICO 766 305 deflated
BARNEY.ICO 766 289 deflated
BASICQ.ICO 766 282 deflated
BAT.ICO 766 198 deflated
BEAR.ICO 766 208 deflated
BRUTE.ICO 766 313 deflated
CAT.ICO 766 272 deflated
CHECK.ICO 766 164 deflated
COOKIE.ICO 766 288 deflated
CROSS.ICO 766 142 deflated
DESK.ICO 766 137 deflated
DICK.ICO 766 249 deflated
DISKETTE.ICO 766 134 deflated
DOG.ICO 766 252 deflated
FACE.ICO 766 343 deflated
FORM.ICO 766 141 deflated
FORMTOOL.ICO 766 226 deflated
FRED.ICO 766 304 deflated
FRED2.ICO 766 270 deflated
FREEL.ICO 766 223 deflated
HAGAR.ICO 766 275 deflated
HILDA.ICO 766 241 deflated
LAYOUTS.ICO 766 192 deflated
LOTUS.ICO 766 189 deflated
MODEM.ICO 766 121 deflated
MODEM2.ICO 766 166 deflated
NORTON.ICO 766 151 deflated
OSCAR.ICO 766 348 deflated
PAGE.ICO 766 194 deflated
PALET.ICO 766 309 deflated
PHONE.ICO 766 184 deflated
PIC.ICO 766 239 deflated
PIE.ICO 766 232 deflated
POPEYE.ICO 766 198 deflated
PROCOMM.ICO 766 133 deflated
QD.ICO 766 189 deflated
RABBIT.ICO 766 275 deflated
SHADOW.ICO 766 208 deflated
SLED.ICO 766 130 deflated
STAR.ICO 766 184 deflated
STORYBD.ICO 766 253 deflated
WATCH.ICO 766 259 deflated
WHATITIS.DOC 2897 1300 deflated
WILMA.ICO 766 272 deflated
WS.ICO 766 130 deflated

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Contents of the WHATITIS.DOC file

Icons by Nesbitt/Sullivan Productions

Windows 3.0 Icons by Nesbitt

Release 1.0 - August 9, 1990

This package contains OVER FORTY snappy new icons for your Windows 3.0 DOS
applications and general amusement. Among them are many of your favorite
cartoon characters, including the Flintstones, Hagar the Horrible,
Broom-Hilda, and many more.

If you enjoy these icons, send us some money and we'll keep them coming.
Anything would be fine. $5 and up would be great. We plan to do many,
many more and we would be happy to contact you personally when we have more
libraries available. You may contact us via:

CompuServe : 70205,1152
MCI Mail : 178-1759
Prodigy Service : KMPC52A

To send us some bucks:

Mike Sullivan
Attn : Icons Department
4013 Province Drive
Carrollton TX 75007


======== === =============================================================
123 ICO Lotus 1-2-3
ANDY ICO Andy Capp
BARNEY ICO Barney Rubble of the Flintstones
BASICQ ICO For a generic BASIC language
BAT ICO Batman logo
BEAR ICO Cartoon of a bear
BRUTE ICO Cartoon character
CAT ICO Drawing of a road-kill cat
CHECK ICO Checkbook-style icon for money programs
COOKIE ICO Sesame Street's Cookie Monster
CROSS ICO Red Cross, as in American
DESK ICO Icon of a desk
DICK ICO Dick Tracy
DISKETTE ICO 3.5" diskette
DOG ICO Cartoon character of a dog
FACE ICO Cartoon of a character looking through a magnifying glass
FORM ICO Icon of a form, to be used with forms software
FORMTOOL ICO Icon for FormTool software
FRED ICO Fred Flintstone (good!)
FRED2 ICO Fred Flintstone (much better!)
FREEL ICO Charting/slide service (Lotus Freelance)
HAGAR ICO Hagar the Horrible
HILDA ICO Broom-Hilda cartoon character
MODEM ICO General modem icon
MODEM2 ICO Yet another modem icon
NORTON ICO Diskette w/Red Cross
OSCAR ICO Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street
PAGE ICO Page of paper, blank form
PALET ICO Paintbrush palette
PHONE ICO Telephone
PIC ICO Charting icon
PIE ICO Charting icon
POPEYE ICO Popeye the Sailor Man cartoon
PROCOMM ICO Procomm - picture of a modem
QD ICO QuickDOS icon
RABBIT ICO Cartoon rabbit
SHADOW ICO Cartoon shadow character
SLED ICO Sled editor icon
STAR ICO WordStar icon
STORYBD ICO Movie clip icon, like for IBM StoryBoard
WATCH ICO Pocket watch
WILMA ICO Wilma Flintstone
WS ICO Another WordStar icon

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