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Runs a Dos Application from Windows and restarts Windows.
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Runs a Dos Application from Windows and restarts Windows.
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Contents of the EXODUS.TXT file

Version 1.0
Copyright 1992-1993 Independent Assemblies

March 30, 1993

What is Exodus:
Exodus is a Windows exiting program. It allows you
to exit Windows in one of four convenient ways.
1. Exit Windows to Dos.
2. Exit and restart Windows immediatley.
3. Exit Windows, run a Dos program, and restart
Windows when finished.
4. Exit Windows and reboot your system.
These four methods of exiting can be achieved 3 different ways.
1. From within Exodus. Just run the program.
2. From the command line. Type Exodus where command is
either exit, restart, run , or reboot.
3. With a DDE link. Exodus|Exit "" where command is
either {exit}, {restart}, {run }, or {reboot}.

Archive name:
Or where xxx is some compression format

Suggested short description:
Exodus v1.0 Windows exiting program w/ DDE

How to install:
To install Exodus, copy Exodus.exe and Exodus.hlp
to any directory. That's all there is to it.
Exodus does not write to any .ini files.

To uninstall Exodus, simple erase Exodus.exe
and Exodus.hlp from the directory you put them in.

File list:
Exodus.exe Main Executable
Exodus.hlp Exodus Help file
Exodus.txt Readme text file

Registraion is 5$. More information is available in
Exodus Help.

Thank you for trying Exodus.

Independent Assemblies
2712 O Street No 16
Sacramento CA 95816

Comments welcome and appreciated at:
Voice (916)456-6049
BBS (916)758-0292 Login: Independent Assemblies Password: User
CompuServe 74650,223
InterNet [email protected]
FidoNet Windows Conference(addressed to Jacob Ian Singer)

License Agreement:

You are licensed to:
-Use this Shareware software for a 21 day evaluation period.
-Make as many copies of this software and documentation as
you wish.
-Give exact copies of the original to anyone.
-Distribute the software and documentation in its unmodified
form via electronic means.
-There is no charge for any of the above.

You are prohibited from:
-Charging, or requesting donations, for any such copies,
however made.
-Distributing the software and/or documentation with other
products (commercial or otherwise) without prior written

Unregistered use of Exodus after the 21-day evaluation
period is in violation of federal copyright laws.

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