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Hex Calculator for Windows 2.0.
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Hex Calculator for Windows 2.0.
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Contents of the HEXCALC2.DOC file

HexCalc -- Microsoft Windows 2.03/386 Hexadecimal Calculator --
Version: 1.00 (02/25/88)
Written by: David T. Rourke
Version: 1.50 (09/01/88)
Modified by: Micheal J. Stoneham

** Original Design from Microsoft System Journal **

HexCalc is a ten-function infix-notation hexadecimal calculator with a full
keyboard and mouse interface. It works with 32-bit unsigned long integers
and does addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, remainders, bit-
wise AND, OR and exclusive-OR, as well as left and right bit shifts.

To do a calculation, type or click the first number (maximum 8 hexadecimal
digits) followed by the operation and then the second number. The result
can be displayed by clicking the Equals button or by pressing the key-
boards "=" or Enter key. To correct your entries, you can uses the back-
space key, or the left cursor key, or clicking the Back button. Pressing
the Esc key or clicking the result box will clear the current entry.

Hope you enjoy HexCalc!

Modified version accepts and displays decimal as well as hexadecimal.

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