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FractalVision Screen Animator for Windows v1.0 FREEWARE screen saver.
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FractalVision Screen Animator for Windows v1.0 FREEWARE screen saver.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
2PART.FRT 807 152 deflated
31.FRT 1055 289 deflated
44.FRT 879 167 deflated
ARROW.FRT 839 188 deflated
CARPET.FRT 959 198 deflated
CONTRACT.TXT 1548 729 deflated
FERNZOOM.FRT 879 252 deflated
FILE_ID.DIS 409 275 deflated
FLOWER5.FRT 951 248 deflated
FOURNIER.FRT 879 162 deflated
FSS.EXE 390656 124144 deflated
FSS.HLP 260446 56142 deflated
GEM.FRT 847 195 deflated
LEAF1.FRT 879 202 deflated
README.TXT 2595 1227 deflated
STARTUP.FRT 831 161 deflated
TEMP1.FRT 799 114 deflated
TROUBLE.TXT 4640 1019 deflated

Download File FVSA10.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

This is the first release of the Fractal Vision Screen Saver -
This is also an animation module for Fractal Vision for Windows

To install this software as an animation module.

A. Simply copy (extract) the contents of this zipped file to the any
directory you choose. If you have Fractal Vision for Windows
copy them to that directory. You don't need to copy the text files.

To run as an icon:

1. Highlight (click in) the group you want to put this program in.
2. In Program Manager choose NEW then OK.
3. Type in the PATH and the command line FSS.EXE /C
(If you copied the file to windows just use the command line)
4. Specify the working directory where all the FRT's are.
(or leave this blank of they are in the same dir as FSS.ESE)

To run this program with the options dialog box, use the /C switch.
Example: FSS.EXE /C
To just run the program for animations, omit the /C switch.
You may wish to have two icons, one for configuring and one to run.

and or

To install as a SCREEN SAVER, for use with the Windows control pannel:

1. Copy all the files to the windows directory (this is not optional)
2. Rename the file FSS.EXE as FSS.SCR in the windows directory
3. Then run control pannel, pick Desktop and choose the
"Fractal Screen Saver" from the Screen Saver list box,
4. Run setup then test, when you like what you see -- click on OK,
5. Set the time delay.

Please Redistribute! This is Freewhare. Use file FILE_ID.DIS to discribe.

File list:
FSS.EXE - The program
FSS.HLP - The windows help file
README.TXT - This file
REPORT.TXT - A trouble report form.
FILE_ID.DIS - A discription text file (for those BBS'S that allow it)
*.FRT's - Fractal templates that provide hours of facination.

If any file is missing please contact Daniel Hovis at
the voice number below for a complete version or update.

If you would like to beta test for us please fill out the CONTRACT.TXT
file and send it back by snail mail, we are looking for more beta
testers, please list any previous experience in beta testing software.

Dosolutions hereby grants the limited right to copy and freely distribute
the FractalVision Screen Animator software so long as it is kept intact and
in its original binary form. All other intellectual property rights and
copyrights to it are retained by Dosolutions 1994
This software is property of Dosolutions 1994
Voice Phone: 802 722 4141 Fax: 802 722 4223

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