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A Windows to-do list manager.
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A Windows to-do list manager.
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FM_UTILS.DLL 36472 14966 deflated
FM_UTILS.TXT 4468 1836 deflated
TODO.TDO 109 95 deflated
TODOWIN.EXE 53696 25918 deflated
TODOWIN.HLP 66786 47287 deflated
TODOWIN.TXT 10887 4492 deflated

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Contents of the FM_UTILS.TXT file

// Library:
// FM_UTILS.DLL - version 1.1a
// Purpose:
// FM_UTILS is a File Manager extension DLL. An extension DLL adds
// a menu to File Manager, contains an entry point that processes menu
// commands and notification messages sent by File Manager, and
// queries data and information about the File Manager windows. The
// purpose of an extension DLL is to add administration support
// features to File Manager, for example, file and disk utilities.
// Up to five extension DLLs may be installed at any one time.
// FM_UTILS adds a menu (called "Utilities" by default) to File Manager
// and processes all the messages that are sent by File Manager to an
// extension DLL. In order to retrieve any information, it sends
// messages to File Manager.
// Usage:
// File Manager installs the extensions that have entries in the
// [AddOns] section of the WINFILE.INI initialization file. An entry
// consists of a tag and a value. To load FM_UTILS.DLL as a File
// Manager extension, add the following to WINFILE.INI (assuming the
// DLL resides in c:\win\system):
// [AddOns]
// FM_Utils Extension=fm_utils.dll
// In addition, a section specific to this Extension DLL is added to
// WINFILE.INI. There are several elements to this section:
// For each utility to appear on the menu, there is a 'UserProgn=' tag,
// and a 'UserDescn=' tag. Comments (preceded by semicolons) are optional.
// You may have up to twenty separate utilities specified.
// You can also specify up to five utilities to load at the same time as
// FileMan, and exit when you close FileMan. You use the 'PreLoadn='
// tag for this. All of the utilities are started with the SW_SHOWMINNOACTIVE
// setting (minimized, but not activated).
// And, you can specify the name of the added menu. If you choose not to,
// the default is "&Utilities". This provides foreign language support,
// as well as allowing you to use a very short name, to keep the menu bar
// from growing too long. The tag to use is 'UserMenuName='.
// [FM_Utils Extension]
// ;Name the menu
// UserMenuName=&Util
// ;add Upper Deck Editor to menu
// UserDesc1=&Edit File(s)
// UserProg1=D:\UDE\UDE.EXE
// ;add V. Buerg's LIST to menu
// UserDesc2=&View File(s)
// UserProg2=LIST.PIF
// ;PreLoad Trash Can
// PreLoad1=TRASH.EXE
// Revision History:
// 1.0 - March '92 - initial release
// 1.1 - April '92 - added ability to PreLoad utilities. This seems even
// more popular than the original DLL.
// 1.1a - August '92 - added ability to specify menu name; changed
// SendMessage(...WM_CLOSE...) to PostMessage(...WM_CLOSE...)
// since it seemed to make more sense.
// Notes:
// Portions of the base code for this utility is based on, and borrowed
// from, the XTENSION sample code provided with the Microsoft Windows
// 3.1 SDK.
// FM_UTILS attempts to close any auto-started utilities by posting a
// WM_CLOSE to it's main window. There's no guarantee that this method
// will work for *all* programs. If you know of a better way to handle
// this situation, I'd be *really* happy to hear about it.
// While it's not properly documented anywhere, it seems that the maximum
// command line to pass to WinExec() is 128 characters. Since we have to
// pass in complete pathnames for all files in order for this to work,
// we may not be able to pass *all* selected file names.
// Copyright (c) 1992 by Brad P. Smith - all rights reserved
// snail: R.R. #2 - 777 Crozier Rd.
// Oxford Mills, Ontario, CANADA
// K0G 1S0
// E-Mail: '[email protected]'
// This utility DLL is FreeWare. Don't let *anybody* charge you for it.
// However, I would *really* appreciate hearing from you if you find
// FM_UTILS useful. Drop me a postcard or E-mail. I could use the moral
// support. 🙂

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