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Utility to selectively "kill" applications in Windows 3.1.
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Utility to selectively “kill” applications in Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the ASSASSIN.TXT file

(12/30/92) ASSASSIN.TXT for Voodoo / Assassin "Production" (version A.00)

Voodoo / Assassin is a Windows accessory / utility that facilitates sharing
resources (such as modem ports) by killing a running application (such as a
fax program that runs "24 hours a day" to make room for a second application
(for example, an Electronic Mail program). When the second application
terminates, Assassin can optionally restore the original application.

This file includes instructions for both installing Voodoo / Assassin, and for
printing the documentation (if you do not already have a copy). Detailed
instructions for use can be found in the main documentation.

Windows installation from a diskette (preferred method)

1) Start Windows

2) If Voodoo / Assassin is running, double click on the icon, and when the
dialog box appears, select "Close" from the system menu

3) Insert the installation diskette in your floppy drive

4) From "Program Manager", select "File", then "Run"
a) Enter "d:INSTALL",
replacing "d" with the drive letter of your diskette drive
b) Select "OK"
Respond to the INSTALL dialog until the installation is complete

DOS installation from a diskette (secondary installation method)

1) Copy the files to the directory of your choice (called WEDIDIT in
these instructions):

For example, from "DOS prompt":

C> COPY A:*.*

Printing the documentation

From Windows, use Microsoft Write to print the documentation file ASSASSIN.WRI.

For example, if you installed into the default directory (WEDIDIT):

1) Run "Write". NOTE: "Write" is one of the programs you received with
Windows, and will be present unless you deleted it. This is NOT the
same program as "Microsoft Word", which is a separately purchased
word processor.

2) Select "File", then "Open"
Enter "\WEDIDIT\ASSASSIN.WRI" and select "OK"

3) Select "File", then "Print"

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