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Missle Command for Windows.
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Missle Command for Windows.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Warheads for Windows v 1.01
Copyright (c) 1991 by Brian C. Lowe and Eric Lee Steadle.

This is the Shareware version of Warheads for Windows.
It may be freely copied and distributed as long as no
alteration of any of the files included in the package
takes place. Please, by all means share this program.
However, please also observe the restrictions set forth
in the on-line help file regarding evaluation time.

Installation of the program:
To run Warheads for Windows correctly, the following three
files should be in the same directory on your hard disk.

Warhead.exe (program)
War-bmp.dld (bitmap library)
Warhelp.hlp (online help in Windows help format)

You should run the game from the directory in which these
files reside, otherwise Warhead.exe may not find the library
and could cause erratic behavior. If Warhead.exe cannot find
the library, a message to that effect is displayed, and the
program terminates itself.

Registration information, game play instructions, general
comments, and funny stuff are all contained in the on-line
help file. Please give it a read.

If you find a bug, problem, concern, etc., WE WANT TO
HEAR ABOUT IT! Please write a letter or contact us through
America On Line. Instructions on how to do this appear in
the help file.

Eric Lee Steadle & Brian C. Lowe


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