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Windows 3.1 driver for Diamond Stealth VRAM card (S3 accelerator chip).
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Windows 3.1 driver for Diamond Stealth VRAM card (S3 accelerator chip).
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Diamond Stealth VRAM Windows 3.1 Video Driver Installation Instructions

* Before you rush into the installation process, there are several *
* things you need to know. Please read these instructions to get a *
* good idea on how to proceed. Also, please read the note at the *
* bottom of this "readme" file. *
These Drivers are BETA.

Preliminary testing has indicated that these drivers are in BETA condition.
Though no major problems have been detected in testing to this point, there
is NO guarantee that these drivers will not cause any problems. Therefore,
Diamond Computer Systems does not warrant nor accept responsibility for the
performance of these drivers or the consequential loss of any information
related to the use of these drivers.

This driver disk will allow you to select or change the Stealth video
driver for Windows 3.1 using Windows Setup from the DOS prompt. These
driver files are in Microsoft compressed format and can only be accessed
and executed by using Windows SETUP.EXE. Simply copying the files into your
\WINDOWS\SYSTEM subdirectory WILL NOT work and may corrupt your Windows
installation. Installing the drivers correctly is, however, a simple
process. It is accomplished by following these instructions:

Installation from Hard Disk

1) Having the drivers loaded on the hard disk will make it easier and
faster to change resolutions in the future. Make a subdirectory to hold
the driver files.

example: C:>md \stlw31

2) From the directory which contains this README and STLBETA.EXE


NOTE: Make sure you use the exact syntax and include all punctuations

This will copy the drivers to the directory you have just created.

3) From your Windows directory, type SETUP and select DISPLAY to change the
video driver. Refer to your Microsoft Windows User's Guide for
assistance in running Setup from inside Windows.

4) Select "Other disk..." to direct the program to the subdirectory holding
the new drivers. Note that once the drivers are installed, you should
not have to select "Other" again should you decide to change
resolutions. Look for the Stealth VRAM drivers in the Display selection
menu to select the display resolution you want.

5) When asked where the drivers will be found, state the following
(deleting what the program has displayed in the input window):


e.g.: C:\stlw31

6) A standard Windows selection menu will appear with additional video
drivers from which to select.

7) Proceed normally through the remainder of the process. Check Microsoft
Windows installation procedures if necessary.

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