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Easily create your own icon libraries for Windows 3.0.
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Easily create your own icon libraries for Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Icon Manager
Version 1.1A

Icon Manager supercedes our previous PBIcon application for icon
design. Any users who have registered for PBIcon may deduct their
$10 PBIcon registration from the cost of registering Icon Manager.

An operations manual is included with this release in the file
ICONMAN.WRI. This file is in Windows Write format and has been
formatted for an HP LaserJet or PostScript printer. Instructions are
included at the top of the file for printing on other printers. We
apologize if you find that this format is not the most suitable for
your requirements. Our goal is to produce the highest quality product
using the tools available to all users. Using Windows Write provides
the sharpest hardcopy output with the most flexibility for user re-

This manual contains complete installation and operation information
as well as an educational overview of icon file types. We suggest
that you take the time to print and review the manual to get the
best results and the most enjoyment from Icon Manager.

For the impatient folks that would like to jump right in, you can
simply copy all of the release files to your hard disk, preferably
into their own subdirectory such as "C:\ICONS". An install utility
is included which can be executed with the format "INSTALL d: dir"
where "d:" is the drive to install to (remember to include the colon)
and "dir" is an optional sub-directory ("ICONS" will be used if "dir"
is not specified).

NOTE: This release may include several sample files containing icons
which have been collected on a major, international, electronic
data service. Although some of these icons are derivatives or
enhancements of commercial program icons, it is not the intention
of Impact Software to distribute any material that its creator(s)
or legal owner(s) would object to. We will immediately remove
any icon(s) which is brought to our attention as proprietary
in nature and should not be freely distributed.

Version 1.1
Update Notes

The following changes have been made since release 1.0:

- A program error which wrote an icon library to another Icon
Manager filename the second time the library was saved has
been corrected.

- The screen re-painting logic has been enhanced to avoid as
much repainting as possible. A considerable amount of re-
painting has been eliminated when an icon window is resized,
resulting in a significant performance improvement.

- The re-sizing logic for icon Windows has been updated to allow
you to 'drag' a window open past its right and bottom bound-
aries. This is much more convenient for finding space to
place new icons and also lends itself to a faster screen

- The icon library read routine has been modified to read icon
libraries created with ICONDLL2 without an Unrecoverable
Application Error occurring. This was required because
the resource directory in ICONDLL2 icon libraries deviates
slightly from Microsoft's documented structure.

- An additional feature in the Bitmap Tool's screen/inverse
color dialog now allows the viewing background color to be
changed by clicking any color button with the right mouse

- A correction has been made to insure that the user is
prompted and file saves are completed for any files which
have been changed before the program exits.

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