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Cubit v.1.02 Measurement converter/scaler for Windows 3.1.
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Cubit v.1.02 Measurement converter/scaler for Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the CUBIT.WRI file


Welcome to Cubit Meister, Version 1.02

Cubit Meister is a utility which performs several functions specifically designed for the Windows DTP professional.

Cubit Meister converts decimal and fractional inches, millimeters/centimeters, picas/points and points into all the other formats simultaneously. CM also provides an electronic Proportion Scale which can calculate proportions even when different measurement systems are entered for the "Original" and "Target" sizes.

Who is Noah?

Noah is the brains behind this program. Press "Options" for an introduction and "Help" for a chat with the "Old Man".

For those that are tempted to ask: A Cubit is an ancient measure of length. 1 cubit = approx. 18 inches.


Cubit Meister is shareware. It is a fully functional program which allows a 30 day Evaluation period. If a valid Registration Number is not entered before the 30 day period is up Cubit Meister will be disabled.
See the Order Form for Registration Information.


Simply put Cubit102.exe in any subdirectory you choose. Then you MUST put Cubehelp.exe into the directory in which Windows is installed. Also, Vbrun100.dll MUST be present in the directory in which Windows is installed. The first time you run Cubit Meister you will be asked for a Registration Number. Enter your registration number or press "OK" if you are evaluating Cubit Meister. Then you will be asked to enter your name. Installation is complete.

Measurement Conversions

Simply, enter the measurement which you want converted into the appropriate textbox, press "Convert". All conversions are calculated and displayed in the appropriate texboxes. The figures are now ready for Cutting and Pasting into your receiving applications or into the Proportion Scale. Just stay basically within the constraints of each output application's measurement system and you should be fine. In the Picas/Pts box a separator of "p" or "," is required.

The fractional inches function will convert from fractions to decimal very accurately but, from decimal to fractions is only to the nearest 128th.

Clicking an "Application Mode" button on the far left will cause the converted figures to be displayed in the native format of the receiving application's measurement system. The last "Application Mode" selected when CM is exited will be remembered and become the active mode upon starting CM the next time.

Maintaining compatible output with the destination application is a predominate factor. However, because each program will accept a varied style of measurements, Noah outputs in the easiest common form. i.e., PM4 will except 0p4 and p4 as 4 points. So, Noah suppresses the leading or trailing 0 (if he has a mind too). Under certain circumstances cycling through all the "Application Modes" will cause some rounding off "effects". Not alot of rounding off is introduced but, it could be a concern to some. If it is a concern, pick the correct "Application Mode" first, then make your conversion.

Proportion Scale

This is how it works. You supply 2 numbers, Noah does the rest. The default measurement system for input and output is decimal inches. However, if you add a "p" or "m" (no quotes needed) to your number, that number will be recognized as being "Picas/Points" or "Millimeters". If you pop a "p", "m" or "/" into the missing figure textbox, your output will be calculated and displayed in whichever measurement system you specified.

An example of how to mix measurement systems: How many millimeters would something 6 picas be if you reduce it 80%?

Type "6p" into the "Original" textbox, enter "80" into the "%" textbox, enter an "m" into the "Target" textbox and press the "=" button. Out comes your answer in millimeters!

Cut & Paste functions

CM will work with the normal Win3.X conventions for Cutting & Pasting. Namely, highlight the desired text to be "Cut", then press "Shift+Delete". Or highlight the desired text to be "Copied", then press "Ctrl+Insert". In both cases the highlighted text is transferred to the Clipboard and available for pasting into any Win3.X application. To "Paste", highlight all text to be replaced in the destination application's textbox and press "Shift+Insert".

As a short cut, CM's "Cut" and "Paste" buttons operate by just moving the text cursor into the box to be copied or pasted to. Then press the appropriate button. This method will "Copy" ALL of the information in the textbox. If you don't want it all, use the Win3.X conventions. The "Paste" button is for bringing information into CM from other applications or from one part of CM to another.


"Options" allows access to the "About" screen which introduces you to Noah and displays the program version number. The "About" screen is also where you enter your Registration Number during the 30 day Evaluation period.

You also get to the "Change Name" dialog box from "Options". Noah "talks" to whoever's name was entered during the installation. "Change Name" allows others to use Cubit and be addressed by Noah appropriately. Any name change remains in effect until changed again.


It is an on-line guide to the basics of using Cubit Meister.

Shortcut Keys and Keyboard Access

You will note Underlined characters on all buttons. Holding down "Alt" and the underlined character will cause that function to be executed. In addition the "Tab" key can be used to navigate to all textboxes and buttons. Pressing "Enter" when the focus is on a button will cause the execution of that function. If you press "Enter" after typing data into a textbox, the appropriate calculation will be performed. It is possible to never touch the mouse and operate Cubit Meister.

Technical Support

The quickest form of Technical support would be through CompuServ. The next quickest would be US Mail to the address below.

If you are using CompuServ Mail, please address any bug reports or make any comments about the program (including enhancements that would be nice) to:

John Shanley

If you are using the US Mail, please address all correspondences to:

Phoenix Creative Graphics
5 Clyde Road, Suite 101
Somerset, NJ 08873


This program and documentation are provided "As Is" and without warranties as to performance.

The program, Cubit Meister, is provided without any express or implied warranties whatsoever. Because of the diversity of conditions and hardware under which the program may be used, no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is offered. The user is advised to test the program thoroughly before relying on it. The user must assume the entire risk of using this program. Any liability of the author will be limited to product replacement or refund of the purchase price.

By using Cubit Meister you agree to hold Phoenix Creative Graphics and it's employees free from liability of special, incidental, consequential, indirect or other similar damages while using this software.

Wrap up

Have fun!

P.S. Don't take any crap from Noah. Conditions aren't that good back in his homeland that he's willing to risk losing his sponsorship before he gets his green card.

Version History

Version 1.01 fixes a problem with the Application Mode boxes displaying with heavy black borders. Also up to 4% System Resources are conserved by splitting the program into 2 .exe's: Cubehelp and Cubit101. This way those that don't need the Help will not have Windows resources drained to keep it in memory.

Version 1.02 added full support for entering and receiving fractional inches in the Proportion Scale.

Cubit Meister, Version 1.02 Registration Form

Cubit Meister is licensed on a per user basis. This license allows the user the right to install and use the software on 1 or more computers as long as the total number of users does not exceed the license quantity.

Please complete the following information:

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Company (if applicable): _______________________________________________

Street: ________________________________________________________________

City: _________________________________ State: _______Zip: __________

Country: ______________________________ Phone: _______________________

CompuServ Id (if applicable): __________________________________________

Cubit Meister license: Quantity: ______ x $15.00 = Subtotal: ___________

If you need a receipt please add .50: ___________

NJ Residents add 6% Sale Tax: ___________

Total Payment: ___________

Please enclose the proper amount of payment in the form of a check or money order, made payable to: Phoenix Creative Graphics

Mail this form and payment to:

Phoenix Creative Graphics
5 Clyde Road, Suite 101
Somerset, NJ 08873

If payment is made by check, a temporary Registration number will be issued until the check clears. Then a permanent Registration Number will be issued.

Where did you obtain Cubit Meister? ___________________________________

Comments: _____________________________________________________________




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If you need

NJ Residents add 6% Sale Tax: ___________

0Courier Total Payment: ___________

Please enclose the proper amount of payment in the form of

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