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List multiple WIN 3.0 icons on screen, has hooks to external icon editors.
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List multiple WIN 3.0 icons on screen, has hooks to external icon editors.
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Contents of the ICONEDIT.TXT file

Review of Windows 3.0 Icon Editors (Shareware)
Gateway Software, Inc.
March 10, 1990

Listico 2.0 supports 4 different Icon editors:

- IEDIT 3.0
- ICON2 2.0
- IKE 1.0

IEDIT Version: 3.0
----- OS: MS-DOS
Executable file: IEDIT.EXE
Support Command line: Yes
Shareware Reg. fee: $8 + $4 + $2
ASP Member: No
Copyright: 1990 James Bell
Author: James Bell
4511 Sherwood Trace
Gainesville, Fl. 32605
(904) 372-3695

ICON2 Version: 2.0
----- OS: MS-DOS
Executable file: ICON2.EXE
Support Command line: YES
Shareware Reg. fee: $10
ASP Member: No
Copyright: 1990 Jason Lacombe
Author: Jason Lacombe
32 The Hills Rd.
Auburn, NH 03032

ICONDRAW Version: 1.2
-------- OS: WINDOWS 3.0
Executable file: WIN ICONDRAW.EXE
Support Command line: No
Shareware Reg. fee: $15
ASP Member: No
Copyright: 1990 Philip B. Eskelin, Jr.
Author: Philip B. Eskelin, Jr. and Michael Gates.
10007 NE 125th LN #4
Kirkland, WA. 98034

IKE Version: 1.0
--- OS: WINDOWS 3.0
Executable file: WIN IKE.EXE
Support Command line: Yes
Shareware Reg. fee: None
ASP Member: No
Copyright: 1991 Ziff Communications Co.
Author: Marc Adler/Magma Systems
PC Magazine Utility

Point of View of Philippe Rabergeau
IEDIT, I have registered 2 copies. So far I consider this the
best of all and I like the fact that it is MS-DOS software.
It's an amazing Program, but the non-registered version has too
many RRS (Registration Reminder Screens), and it is difficult to
really evaluate it.

ICON2 is not bad at all, I would consider registering it if I
found more features in a new version (like circle drawing for

ICONDRAW has the BIG disadvantage of not supporting command line
features, but I am sure that Philip B. Eskelin have already fix this
stupid bug. I have decided to register one copy in order to evaluate
the upcoming version 2.0 announced in the documentation with interesting
new features. I will add my comment to this document when I will receive
this new version 2.0.

IKE is identical to ICONDRAW expect that this program has the
advantage of supporting command line options. There is one
interesting feature in IKE and ICONDRAW not found in IEDIT and
ICON2: the drawing of circles and ellipses. But I am sure that
James Bell (IEDIT) and Jason Lacombe (ICON2) will add this to
their new versions.

Point of View of Barbara Bowman
IEDIT has the most sophisticated image management techniques I
have found thus far in an icon drawing program. The built it
routines to create a mirror image, rotate, flip, etc. make this
program a standout. If the author were to add circle/ellipse
drawing capabilities, it would surely be an INCREDIBLE program.

ICONDRAW, while having the advantage of working in the Windows
environment for the do or die Windows user, does not support
command line file loading and is too unforgiving in terms of
requiring very precise control with the mouse which dictates
working at slow speeds.

IKE, which also works within the Windows environment, I find to
be superior to ICONDRAW, both in terms of supplying command line
support and supplying more manageable mouse drawing control.

ICON2, while having the MS DOS interface, does not support
circle or ellipse drawing modes. This program, with more
development, has the potential to be a very good one, but at
the moment does not offer enough advanced features to make it
one of my favorites.

Important Reminder
If you are using these icon editor programs, you must not forget to
register your version with the author (Listico program too!).

Gateway Software, Inc. DOES NOT either distribute or support any
of the above Icon Editor Software programs. Philippe Rabergeau have
started to develop an Icon Editor but considering all the software
available now, he is not sure that he will continue to work on it.
Let us know if you are not satisfied with these existing Icon Editor
programs. For more information about these programs, contact the
respective authors directly.

All these opinions are personal.
If you want that we add some corrections to this review, let us know.
Here is our business card:

Gateway Software, Inc.
Videotex Software Development

Philippe Rabergeau

Genie: P.RABERGEAU 61 East 8th Street
Prodigy: WNWB44A Suite 128
Compuserve: 73567,2755 New York, NY 10003

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