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A collection of tools for Windows 3.x.
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A collection of tools for Windows 3.x.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

WinTools Version 1.0
Copyright (C)1992 David R. Green, All rights reserved

README.DOC March 1, 1992


Version 1.0 of WinTools is 100% fully functional. It is not crippled
in any way (Crippleware) or contain any annoying pop-up signs telling
you to register the program (Annoyware) - You already KNOW you must
register if you are using WinTools for more than 2-3 weeks of trial
time, there is no reason to remind you ad nauseum. You must register

Since I have already trusted you by taking the first step in supplying
complete working software, I trust you will register if you use my
software. Thank you.

Owner's Manual:

Be sure to read WINTOOLS.WRI for information on using WinTools.
The manual is a Windows Write compatible file. If you plan to print
the file, be sure to check the Font that Windows has selected in the
Write program, as different printers give different font capabilities
to Write, and print differently.

WinTools Installation:

See the WINTOOLS.WRI File for information on installing WinTools.

If you wish, you may use the default Install Program INSTALL.BAT,
which creates a directory called WINTOOLS on your C: drive, copies all
EXE/WRI/DOC files to it, and copies all PIF files to your Windows
The INSTALL program still requires you to manually create a WinTools
Group in Windows' Program Manager, and add all utilities to this group.


All WinTools utilities require a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) File called
VBRUN100.DLL. If you do not have this DLL file, it is available on
most BBSs including CompuServe. If you are unable to obtain a copy,
you may request it by including a note with the Registration Form.

WinZIP and Konan (Bonus Disk)

WinZIP and Konan require the PKZIP and PKUNZIP files from PK-Ware, and
LHARC. These files are not included with the WinTools package since
most people already have copies of them. If you require copies of these
programs, you can get them from CompuServe, or from virtually any BBS or
BBS user. If you are unable to get copies of these programs, write a
note on the Registration form and I will pass you a Shareware
Distribution copy of them with the Bonus Disk.

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