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Save Windows environment in order to be able to restore it after testing.
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Save Windows environment in order to be able to restore it after testing.
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Contents of the WINSAFE.TXT file

***Cosmetic revisions, July 1994***

The help file for WINSAFE.COM 2.0, a utility for
saving and restoring the Windows environment.

The executable file.


This free utility written with the assumptions that:
(1) The DOS files are stored in a directory listed in the
AUTOEXEC.BAT path statement, and that the file CHOICE.COM
is present in that directory.
(2) The Windows files reside in the directory C:\WINDOWS.
(3) If such is not the case with your system, see the
POST-MORTEM section at the end of this document.

COMMENTS: WINSAFE 2.0 is basically the same utility that has been
furnished under the file names of WINENV.* in previous
WINHLP*.ZIP uploads. Cosmetic changes in this version
include more graphicial help screens, along with audio
prompts (hoots and whistles, if you will).

This utility saves and restores (if necessary), the Windows
INI, GRP, PIF, and INF files which are located in the
\WINDOWS and \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directories. These important
files control the desktop configuration and how Windows
itself and its applications load and operate. As a group,
they are termed the "environment" files.

Additionally, WINSAFE saves copies of the current CONFIG.SYS
and AUTOEXEC.BAT files to the backup diskette, and cleans up
Window's DRWATSON.LOG file if it exists (see POST-MORTEM
at the end of this document for more on this).

WINSAFE, for obvious reasons, DOES NOT overwrite CONFIG.SYS
or AUTOEXEC.BAT on the hard drive when the RESTORE option
is chosen. It simply backs them up along with the Windows
environment files when the SAVE option is selected. We
consider this to be cheap insurance since many rude
applications will change these files without your permission
during installation.

USAGE: Format and label a diskette of the appropriate size for
Drive A. Low-density will probably be adequate for smaller
systems, but it's safer to use a high-density floppy right
from the start (our environment files total about 381KB,
which just exceeds the capacity of a 360KB diskette).

Copy WINSAFE.COM into a directory on the hard drive that
is listed in the AUTOEXEC.BAT path statement, and type
WINSAFE at any DOS prompt. WINSAFE is a DOS utility! It
can be run from within Windows, but results may be erratic.

The opening menu screen offers three options:
(1) Back up the Windows environment
(2) Restore the Windows environment
(3) Immediately exit back to DOS
No selection within 10 seconds exits to DOS by default

(1) Option 1 (Back up) will delete all files on the
target diskette that are not (H)idden, (R)ead only,
or (S)ystem before updating the Windows files.
(2) WINSAFE cannot be terminated once option 1 or 2
has been launched from the opening menu.
(3) The utility may not function properly if renamed.

WINSAFE calls on the DOS CHOICE utility to present options
for the user to select by pressing an indicated key
(pressing ENTER is not necessary). Every selection made
will either bring up another screen of specific
instructions, or perform the designated task.

Some of the audio alerts will not shut off until a designated
key is pressed. Thus, we recommend inserting the backup
diskette prior to executing WINSAFE.


(1) The Windows environment files should be backed up frequently. Once a
week is the recommended MINIMUM.

(2) Run WINSAFE immediately after major changes are made to the desktop
configuration (icons moved or deleted, program groups deleted, etc.).

(3) Run WINSAFE immediately before installing new Windows applications.
If the newly installed program and all other applications run successfully
after a few days, run WINSAFE again to save the new environment.

(4) Backed up files are only as current as the last time the utility
was run!


For more information about the undocumented Windows DRWATSON utility,
search on keyword WINHLP01.ZIP. There is a document in that archive
which addresses DRWATSON at some length.

Please post any comments to us at:

America Online DARTS OLY
CompuServe 76020,3722
FAX 206/491-1068

We can create and upload a custom version of WINSAFE for those whose systems
do not conform to the directory structures outlined in the ADVISORY section.
The charge is a nominal $5 (MasterCard or Visa) to cover our online costs
and time, and includes a custom filename, ending logo, and any applicable
local taxes. Contact us by E-mail for details.

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