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Change Laser printer between PCL and Postscript from Windows 3.0.
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Change Laser printer between PCL and Postscript from Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Pulsar was created out of frustration in switching between the PostScript & PCL modes on our Company HP LaserJet printers under the Windows environment. Our printers here are equipped with the PacificPage postscript cartridge and normally would require a command string be sent via DOS and then running Window's Control Panel to get Windows in sync with our mode intentions. We spent many-a-time and lost many-a-page sending printouts to the 'wrong' printer thinking it was being sent to the PostScript when it was actually being sent to the PCL and vice versa, so we wrote Pulsar to simplify the matter.

Pulsar has grown somewhat from a simple PostScript/PCL switch to include the most commonly used printer functions of the HP LaserJet family. In addition, we added several of the Windows functions, i.e., Control Panel, Print Manager & Printer Setup as well.

Although Pulsar was written to take advantage of controlling an HP LaserJet II printer, any printer which can interpret the HP commands could be used.

The following files are included in PULSAR.ZIP:

PULSAR.EXE The Pulsar program itself.

PSETUP.DLL The required support library for Pulsar.

README.TXT This file.

You can install Pulsar in any subdirectory you wish, but must install the PSETUP.DLL library file in either the Window's SYSTEM subdirectory or any
directory in your DOS PATH statement in order for Pulsar to work properly.

In addition, since Pulsar was written in Visual BASIC, you will need a copy of Microsoft's VBRUN100.DLL run-time module.

Pulsar is not Freeware. As a Shareware product, you will be required to register Pulsar if you decide to use it after a 30-day evaluation period.

To register Pulsar, you can use the 'Register Pulsar' submenu item in the program or send us your Name, Address & Phone along with a check/Money Order for $15 to:

Tesserax Information Systems
18022 Starmont Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92649-4849

Registering Pulsar will make you eligible for discounts on future releases, as well as, allow us to continue in developing programs like Pulsar for other popular printers.

If you desire a version of Pulsar for a printer other than the HP LaserJet, please write us or call (714) 840-8822

Peter Grigonis
CIS 72247,1463

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