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Issue #8 of the Windows Programmer's Journal.
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Issue #8 of the Windows Programmer’s Journal.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FDIAG.ZIP 17362 15602 deflated
GASH.ZIP 61756 58937 deflated
GDI.ZIP 84485 76864 deflated
HELLO.ZIP 13385 12845 deflated
HOOKS.ZIP 23351 22539 deflated
INDEX1-6.TXT 8650 2193 deflated
INVID.EXE 7856 3637 deflated
PBALL.EXE 7248 3735 deflated
READ.ME 1093 539 deflated
SHAREMEM.ZIP 29932 29097 deflated
SUBMIT.TXT 1192 684 deflated
SURVEY.TXT 2811 878 deflated
TBALL.EXE 7248 3736 deflated
WPJV1N8.HLP 165123 129487 deflated
WPJV1N8.TXT 183240 52055 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Windows Programmer's Journal
Volume 1 Number 8
Sept. 1993

The following files are contained in this archive:

WPJV1N8.TXT The magazine in plain text format
WPJV1N8.HLP The magazine in Winhelp format
HELLO.ZIP Beginner's Column source code (Dave Campbell)
GASH.ZIP Hacker's Gash source code (Dennis Chuah)
PBALL.EXE Executable for "Gdi See Gdi Do" (Bernard Andrys)
TBALL.EXE Executable for "Gdi See Gdi Do" (Bernard Andrys)
INVID.EXE Executable for "Gdi See Gdi Do" (Bernard Andrys)
GDI.ZIP Source code for "Gdi See Gdi Do" (Bernard Andrys)
SHAREMEM.ZIP "Shared Global Memory" source code (Dennis Chuah)
HOOKS.ZIP Source code for "Windows Hooks" (David Browne)
FDIAG.ZIP Source code for "Customizing FileDialog in VC++" (Tony Lee)
INDEX1-6.TXT Index to the first six issues (Pat White)
READ.ME Guess!
SUBMIT.TXT How to submit articles to us.
SURVEY.TXT Reader Survey (Fill it out and send it in!)

Please distribute this archive as a whole.

Pete Davis and Mike Wallace

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