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Dr. Watson for Windows NT.
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Dr. Watson for Windows NT.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
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DRWTSN32.MIP 82432 32823 deflated
DRWTSN32.X86 73728 29848 deflated
README.TXT 1084 520 deflated

Download File DRWTSN.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

The files included here comprise the Dr. Watson for NT software.

DRWTSN32.X86 EXE file for Intel x86 Machines
DRWTSN32.MIP EXE file for Mips R4000 Machines
DRWTSN32.HLP Help file for both platforms

To install Dr. Watson do the following:

1. copy EXE file to %systemroot%\system32
2. copy HLP file to %systemroot%\system32
3. from a command window run DRWTSN32 -i

After Dr. Watson is installed all Application Errors are handled by
Dr. Watson. If an application crashes the system generates a popup with
2 buttons, OK & CANCEL. If the CANCEL button is pressed the Dr. Watson
is invoked to handle the error.

Dr. Watson has a series of configuration options that are all accessable
from Dr. Watson's UI. To access the UI simply run DRWTSN32 from a command
window or Program Manager. All configuration options are stored in the

The log file generated by Dr. Watson is, by default, located in
%systemroot%\DRWTSN32.log. This can be changed thru Dr. Watson's UI.


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