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Utility for Windows Cardfile.
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Utility for Windows Cardfile.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

CardUtil - A utility for MS-Windows Cardfile.


To install CardUtil simply place the supplied .dll, .exe, and .hlp files
either in the Windows directory, or in a directory which is in your

Technical Support:

Technical support is available for registered users through Compuserve
by Email to [73527,2642] or by calling the support BBS at (217) 356-
2055. The support BBS for CardUtil is free and open to all users,
however only registered users will be provided support. The latest
version of the program will be found on this BBS as well as on


This program is supplied 'as-is', there are no warranties, express or
implied, by statute or otherwise, regarding the program and related
information, their fitness for any purpose, their quality, their
merchantability, or otherwise.

MS-Windows and MS-Cardfile are registered trademarks of Microsoft


This program is distributed as ShareWare, meaning if you wish to use
this software beyond a trail period of 30 days you are required to
register it with the author. The registration fee is $25.00 and covers
the current and all subsequent ShareWare versions of the program.

You may register this program by mailing $25.00 to the following

Richard C. Haw
2207 Aspen
Champaign IL 61821

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