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Windows 3.0 program that alerts you when print job is done with a beep.
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Windows 3.0 program that alerts you when print job is done with a beep.
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Version 1.00

Copyright (c) 1992 David A. Feinleib


EndPrint has two major features:
- The ability to alert you when the Print Manager
is finished printing

- The ability to close the Print Manager when it
is finished printing


- Version 1.00 [February 1, 1992]

Initial release.


To install EndPrint, you must run the EndPrint Setup program,
prsetup.exe. EndPrint Setup renames printman.exe file that comes
with Windows to p.exe and writes a new printman.exe to your Windows

Windows will run the new printman.exe instead of the old one.
When the new printman.exe is run, it will automatically run the
Windows Print Manager (now p.exe); when the Windows Print Manager
is finished, depending on the options you have selected,
EndPrint will close the Print Manager and/or beep to alert you
that the Print Manager has finished printing. EndPrint will then
close itself, so that it will not use up memory.

Note that EndPrint does not replace the Print Manager.

The files must be kept in the Windows directory or in your PATH,
otherwise Windows will not be able to find them correctly.

Configuring EndPrint

After the setup program has installed EndPrint, it will bring up
EndPrint's Configuration dialog box, allowing you to specify
whether you want the program to close the Print Manager when it
has finished printing and/or beep to alert you that it has finished.

Running the Windows Print Manager

If you want to run the Windows Print Manager directly after
EndPrint has been installed, you have several options:

- From the Program Manager, select File... Run... and type
in P.EXE and select OK.

- From the Program Manager, select the Print Manager icon.
Select File... Properties.... Select Run Minimized. Select OK.
Double click (or press Enter) on the Print Manager icon in
the Program Manager.


EndPrint may be given to others as long as all of its files
are included, all unmodified. EndPrint includes
the following files:



My thanks to Brad Smith for his assistance in testing this program.


This program is ShareWare.

You may make copies of this program and give them to others as long as the
documentation is included, both unaltered.

If you like this program, a registration fee of $15 would be appreciated.
Add $3.00 for 5.25" diskette; add $4.00 for 3.5" diskette. Add
$1.50 for shipping to Canada. Add $2.00 for shipping outside of the
United States. Add $1.50 for checks drawn on Canadian banks.

Please include your name, address, disk size, and current version number.
Comments and suggestions (with or without the registration fee) would be
greatly appreciated.

Site licenses, LAN licenses, and quantity discounts are available. Please
contact me for more information.

Mail: David A. Feinleib
1430 Mass. Ave.
Suite 306-42
Cambridge, MA 02138

CompuServe: 76516,20

Internet: [email protected]

BIX: pgm

FidoNet: 1:101/310 David Feinleib

Other programs by the same author

Please read the file PRODLIST.TXT for more information on other


EndPrint is supplied as is. The author disclaims all warranties
expressed or implied, including, without limitation, the
warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose.
The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or conse-
quential, which may result from the use of EndPrint.

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