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Gives you command prompt under Windows 3.0 and remembers last 15 commands. Replaces Window's RUN command.
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Gives you command prompt under Windows 3.0 and remembers last 15 commands. Replaces Window’s RUN command.
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Contents of the WSHELL.DOC file

WShell - Window Command Line Shell

Version 1.0 - September 1990

(c) Copyright Hans Kellner 1990. All rights reserved

This utility is the result of my frustration with the Microsoft
Windows program manager. I have used command line interfaces for
so long now I feel hindered every time I have to "Point-and-shoot"!
WShell provides a command line for running applications. It works
more to the flavor of the DOS command line than the RUN option of
the program manager.

When a command is entered WShell will search the current drive and
directory for the program. If it is not found then the DOS search path
is used. Explicitly declaring a path before the name of the program
will override the search criteria. One note, if WShell can not load
the program from the drive and path specified it will not attempt to
search the current path for the program. The shell will properly load
non-executable files if their extension is included in the WIN.INI
extensions group. For example, entering WININI.TXT from the shell will
cause the NOTEPAD program to be run and loaded with the WININI.TXT
file. Of course this assumes that the program exists and is located in
the current directory or on the path.

The WShell window will display the current drive and path above the
command line. The drive can be changed by entering a drive letter
followed by a colon. Path changes are performed by entering the command
CD followed by a valid DOS path (very original eh?).

WShell offers the option of running a Windows application iconized
or maximized. This is done by holding down the control key and pressing
return (iconize) or holding the shift key and pressing enter (maximize).
Past commands can be recalled by using the up and down arrow keys. The
shell stores the last 15 commands. Pressing ESC will erase the current
command line.

I hope this utility helps. So long from sunny Phoenix Arizona!

Hans Kellner

- Legal mumbo jumbo -

I am allowing the program WSHELL.EXE and this document to be
distributed among the "public domain" of software. The program shall be
supplied in its original, unmodified form. This applies to the
documentation. This program shall not be used for profit in any way and
may not be included or bundled with other goods or services. The
program has no warranty of any kind. The copyright owner may not be
held liable for any damages, including any lost profits or other
incidental or consequential damages arising out of or inability to use
the software. By using this software you agree to these terms.
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