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Audio CD player for your CD-ROM drive. Requires Windows and is compatible with MusicBox. Index your disks, etc.
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Audio CD player for your CD-ROM drive. Requires Windows and is compatible with MusicBox. Index your disks, etc.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

CD Audio Readme File

Version 1.00U - Unregistered Copy
May 21, 1992

Thank you for trying CD Audio! CD Audio is an audio CD player for
Windows with the following features:

- Nice look and feel: 3-D buttons, color, icons, etc.
- Programming of custom track sequences for playback,
including unique "Fit to Tape" feature for home recording
- Maintains a disc database of disc titles, artists,
song titles, and disc programs
- Disc database is totally compatible with MusicBox; allows
import and export
- Allows printing of track titles for cassette labels
- Works in either Windows 3.1 or 3.0 (does not require the
Multimedia Extensions)
- Full online Help

To run CD Audio, you need the following:

- Windows 3.1 or 3.0 (Multimedia Extensions are not required)
- Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions (MSCDEX), version 2.20 or above
- Visual Basic runtime (VBRUN100.DLL)

These are not included with CD Audio; however, you can download MSCDEX
version 2.21 from the Microsoft Software Library forum (GO MSL-1),
filename CDEXT.EXE; and you can download VBRUN100.DLL from the
Microsoft Basic forum (GO MSBASIC), section 5 (Visual Basic), filename

The version you have is an unregistered copy of CD Audio. It is exactly
the same as the full version, except that it will stop playback every
20 minutes and ask you to register. For more information, run the
Help Shareware command.

A registered copy of CD Audio costs only $20. To order one, run the
Help Order Form command.

WORD FOR WINDOWS USERS: WinWord can hang on File Open, if you have an
audio CD in your CD-ROM drive. Microsoft has fixed this bug with an
interim release of WinWord, version 2.0a, which is available free of
charge to registered users. Contact Microsoft Product Support at

Contact information for CD Audio:

Mark E. O'Brien
27 Trowbridge Street #2
Cambridge, MA 02138

Compuserve: 70312,303

Copyright (c) Mark E. O'Brien 1992. All rights reserved.

Microsoft is a registered trademark of, and Windows is a trademark of,
Microsoft Corporation.

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