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KwikDraw - An Object Oriented Drawing Program.
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KwikDraw – An Object Oriented Drawing Program.
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Contents of the KWIKDRAW.TXT file

KwikDraw - An Object Oriented Drawing Program
Freeware Version 1.30f
Copyright 1991, 1992 Paul Schimpf

This drawing program, unlike a paint program, is object oriented. This
means that after drawing objects (such as rectangles, ellipses, lines,
text, curves, or polygons), you have the ability to select and modify them
as independent entities. In a paint program an object, once it is drawn,
loses it's identity as an independent entity. Any editing capability in a
paint program must thus treat all the objects as mere patterns of bits on
the drawing surface.

KwikDraw has extensive on-line help that describes its use. If you choose
to purchase an unrestricted version then you will also receive a manual.

This is a Freeware version of KwikDraw. IT IS FREE. This Freeware version
will limit the number of objects that you may create to 32. This limit is
high enough to make the program useful for simple drawings (for example,
see the file flow.kwk). You are also allowed to load, print, and transfer
the more complex example drawings (such as train.kwk). If 32 objects is
sufficient for your purposes, then you are free to use and distribute this
version, on the condition that none of the files included in the distribution
is modified in any way. You may also purchase a registered version of
KwikDraw by writing (use the handy order form in order.txt, which may be
opened and printed from the File menu above), calling, or sending a request
via electronic mail (see below). The current price is $37.95 plus $3.00
Shipping in the U.S. and Canada ($6.00 overseas), and $3.00 for C.O.D. or
$2.00 for credit card orders (prices subject to change). REGISTERED USERS
unrestricted version of KwikDraw is NOT Freeware, and may NOT be distributed
to others - it uses the executable filename "kwikdraw.exe", whereas the
Freeware version uses the filename "kdraw_fw.exe".

The Human Interface
attn: Paul Schimpf
902 94th St. S.E.
Everett, WA 98208
(206) 348-9043

CompuServe Address: 71052,225
Internet Address: [email protected]

You may make checks payable to "Paul Schimpf" or to "The Human Interface."

The following files are included in this distribution:

KDRAW_FW.EXE - Freeware version of KwikDraw.
KWIKHELP.HLP - On-line Microsoft Windows Help file.
READ.ME - Installation instructions for KwikDraw.
TRAIN.KWK - Sample Drawing.
CAR.KWK - Sample Drawing.
FLOW.KWK - Sample Drawing.
COLORS.KWK - Sample Drawing.
ARROWS.KWK - Sample Drawing.
SCHEMATC.KWK - Sample Drawing.
LOGIC.KWK - Sample Parts Library used for SCHEMATC.KWK
ORDER.TXT - Handy form for ordering registered version.
KWIKDRAW.TXT - This file.

Future enhancements to KwikDraw will include:

Multiple Drawing Layers
User Defineable Fill Patterns
Coordinate Readout
More ... Let me know what is important or desireable to YOU

Revision History:

1.00 03-09-92 Original Release.
1.01 04-07-92 Must now point close to a Line object to select it.
Added optional Polygon termination on right button.
Detects drawing changes to avoid annoying questions.
1.10 04-14-92 Text Objects now allow multiple lines.
Comprehensive Undo, Redo added.
Text objects will now rotate.
1.11 04-16-92 Text can now be edited three ways: from Edit Menu,
by double-clicking it, or by selecting it and pressing
the right mouse button.
1.20 05-08-92 Added Color to Line Styles and Fill Patterns.
Added Arrowhead Style options.
Can now add Raster Font text objects in zoom modes
less than 100%.
1.21 05-28-92 Added Constrain mode for drawing and resizing objects.
Added Printer Selection from File Menu.
Added Selectable drawing sizes.
Can View Clipboard from Edit Menu (see Help on General
Topics for extensive hints on transferring drawings
to other applications using the Clipboard).
Significant improvements in selection logic: Transparent
objects can now be selected only by pointing at their
boundaries (this helps a lot when trying to select objects
underneath). Also, Arcs and Open Polygons are now selected
similar to Lines (i.e. you must point at the line) and
you must be inside the boundary of a filled object to
select it (even irregularly shaped objects like Closed
Polygons). If you were ever irritated by selecting a
Chord or Polygon when you didn't want to, this will fix it.
1.30 09-23-92 Took the summer off, so its been a few months.
This version substitutes True Type fonts for the old Raster
fonts for people running Windows 3.1.
Added the Wingdings font which comes with Windows 3.1.
All fonts are now rotatable about themselves.
All fonts can now be scaled by dragging a corner of the
selection box.
Added "Open as Library" and "Insert from Library" features,
which are great for creating your own drawing parts.
Switches to a crosshair cursor when a Drawing Tool is selected.
After drawing an object, KwikDraw now reverts to the Pointer
tool with the Object automatically selected - unless you
double-click or use the right button when selecting the drawing
tool, in which case that tool stays selected.
Added user-defineable drawing sizes and grid spacing.

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