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Crabs on your Windows desktop.
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Crabs on your Windows desktop.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

A Live Desktop For Windows
Paolo Cignoni


Running Crabs found a shellfish colony on your desktop window. These
little crabs eat the background and dread the cursor. I saw a similar
program the first time on a DMD 5620 Teletype terminal in an article on
Scientific American in 1985. The crabs can walk inoffensively on the
Desktop Window behind other window or eat any window they meet. You have
control over crabs with the cursor because crabs dread cursor.
The program is customizable using the CRABS.INI file.

How to install
To install Crabs you must copy it and put the CRABS.INI file in your
Windows directory. CRABS.INI contains only the section [crabs]; you can
modify the following parameters:


desktop = boolean TRUE crabs are on the desktop and walk UNDER
other windows, eating only the background;

FALSE crabs are on the desktop and walk OVER
any window eating them;

timer = nnn refresh period, smaller the number,
faster the crabs;

crabnumber = nnn number of crabs on the screen (max 40)

probchangedir = nn probability (0..100) for a crab to change
his walk direction,

Crabs is FreeWare, you can copy, distribute and use it freely. The only
limitation is to distribute the whole package without modifing it.
If you like this program, or if you have suggestions send me an e-mail
at the following internet address:

[email protected]

Next versions of this program will be done if i receive a little
encouragement from users.

Paolo Cignoni
Via Amendola 39
57025 Piombino (LI)

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