Dec 142017
Mail list manager for Windows 3.0.
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Mail list manager for Windows 3.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EMBLEM.BMP 2710 246 deflated
ERR.DAT 10327 2296 deflated
LETTER1.TXT 442 273 deflated
LETTER2.TXT 349 186 deflated
MAILDOC.TXT 29179 10680 deflated
MAILDOC.WRI 44800 15036 deflated
MASTER.DBT 514 202 deflated
MASTER.SKL 738 254 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 1962 694 deflated
REGISTER.WRI 3456 1134 deflated
SUPERCFG.MEM 357 156 deflated
SUPRMAIL.EXE 401856 187298 deflated
SUPRMAIL.FST 36362 10199 deflated
_SAMPLE.DBF 3967 1117 deflated
_SAMPLE.DBT 2586 113 deflated

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Contents of the LETTER1.TXT file


We have received your request for a dealership. &TITLE &LAST, we have sold
and serviced more of these units than anyone else in the continental
Balvania. We feel that &COMPANY would be a fine reseller for our line
and are confident that &CITY, &STATE will benefit from your involvement.
Please approve and date the enclosed aggrement.



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