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MS Windows Music Creator (Demo).
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MS Windows Music Creator (Demo).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COMPOSER.EXE 146064 61619 deflated
DEMO.EXE 19968 6032 deflated
MFTOWS.EXE 25307 14132 deflated
MINUETG.SNG 6787 2083 deflated
READ.ME 3299 1405 deflated
RUSSIAN.SNG 20524 6427 deflated
SPRING.SNG 70216 10904 deflated
TAPEDECK.EXE 72144 33234 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

***************** WINSONG(TM) DEMONSTRATION ARCHIVE ver 2.01 *****************

This is the demonstration version of the WinSong music system. Included
in this archive are:
READ.ME - this file
DEMO.EXE - a minimal speaker-driven device driver
COMPOSER.EXE - the WinSong scoring/composition program
TAPEDECK.EXE - the WinSong sequencer
MFTOWS.EXE - converts MIDI 1.0 files to WinSong files

The programs are fully functional except that you cannot save your work to
disk, and the device-drivers for MIDI interfaces are not included.

What is WinSong?
WinSong is actually a set of four programs designed to run in the Microsoft
Windows environment; the Composer, the Tapedeck, the Jukebox, and the MIDIEX

The Composer allows the scoring/composition of music in conventional music
notation (i.e., sheet music). The device independence of Windows allows the
Composer to work with just about any combination of screen interfaces and
printers. CGA/EGA/VGA/Hercules and many other screen interfaces are supported,
and WinSong can print music on many common printers including the Epson MX-80,
HP Laserjet series, and others. The quality of the printout is limited only by
the resolution of the printer.

The Tapedeck is a MIDI sequencer which can record and playback up to 24 tracks
of MIDI data at a time. Many common sequencer functions such as transpose,
quantize, deflam, etc. are implemented.

The Jukebox is a program which queues up previously recorded/composed songs
for later playback.

The MIDIEX filer is a program which uploads and downloads system-exclusive
files, and can act as a patch or configuration librarian.

What interfaces and synthesizers does WinSong work with?
WinSong comes with device drivers for all of the MIDI interfaces available for
the PC:

MPU-401 (and clones)
Mellotron MUART
IBM Music Feature

How do I run the demo?
To run the sample programs, first run Windows, and then run "demo.exe." This is
a simple device driver which allows the sample programs to play music over the
speaker. You may wish to place the "demo.exe" line in the WIN.INI file, so
that it is automatically loaded every time you start Windows, like this:

After this is done, you can load either the Tapedeck or the Composer (or
both), and experiment with them.

Is WinSong copy-protected?
No. WinSong has been priced so that everyone can afford their own copy.

How much does it cost?
The retail price of WinSong is $249.95.

Where can I get WinSong?
We're glad you asked. If WinSong is not available from your favorite dealer,
give MidWest MIDI a call at (405)736-6676.

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