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Soundlink, a free windows utility to attach sounds to various actions associated with particular programs.
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Soundlink, a free windows utility to attach sounds to various actions associated with particular programs.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

The SoundLink+ README.TXT file
(c) Cool Software, Inc., 1994

Version 2.1
September 3, 1994

| |
| Note: SoundLink+ is FREE software. The only thing |
| we ask in return is that you take a few minutes |
| to enter our prize drawing so that we can collect |
| data about how many people got this software. |
| |

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Installation
3. Troubleshooting
4. Who Are These People, Anyway?
5. Required Legal Bits


1. Introduction

Thank you for deciding to try SoundLink+. SoundLink+ is the first in
a family of cool multimedia enhancements from Cool Software, Inc.,
designed to liven up daily computer use.

SoundLink+ attaches sounds to window actions under Microsoft Windows,
so that, for example, you could get a round of applause when you
print a document, or maniacal laughter when new email arrives.
SoundLink+ is copyrighted software, but you should copy it freely,
provided you do not charge anything for it beyond your distribution

(Note: Windows is a trademark of Microsoft corporation. SoundLink+
is a trademark of Cool Software, Inc. For readability, we aren't
going to put in the TM symbol everywhere, but it's implied. In case
of fire, break glass.)

Here's what one of the early users of SoundLink+, a parent with two
young boys, has to say about it:

"We've been using SoundLink+ since the day we installed it.
It's fun to attach silly sounds to Windows events. And we each
have our own set of sounds that we use when it's our turn at the
computer. COOL stuff!"

This brief guide explains how to install and configure SoundLink+, as
well as providing some troubleshooting tips.


2. Installation

Since you're reading this file, you've probably already written to us
at [email protected] and recieved the document titled "About
SoundLink+" which explains how to obtain and run the self-extracting
file SOUND201.EXE. If not, that's the first thing you need to do.
(If you have SOUND201.EXE, run it at the DOS prompt from a temporary
directory. This self-extracting file will produce the various files
needed to run SoundLink+.)


Run SETUP.EXE from Windows, by either:

1) In the Windows Program Manager, choose the RUN command from the
FILE menu. In the box that pops up, with caption "Command
Line", type:


(where "tmpinst" is your temporary SoundLine+ directory).
Then select OK.

2) From the Windows File Manager, select the drive containing
your temporary SoundLink+ directory, then double-click on the
"setup.exe" icon.

SETUP.EXE is self-prompting and includes on-line help.

Installing the entire SoundLink+ package takes approximately 5-10

If you don't have an add-on sound card or built-in audio hardware:

you may need to install the Microsoft Speaker Driver. This
driver is widely distributed, but if you don't have a copy and
need one, we've included it with the SoundLink+ distribution.

To install: Copy the file SPEAK.EXE from the temporary
SoundLink+ directory into another temporary installation

SPEAK.EXE is a self-extracting file, and the documentation from
Microsoft that gets unpacked will tell you everything you need
to know to complete the installation. In particular, the file
AUDIO.TXT has installation instructions, and other .TXT files
have other important information.

That's it! You're all finished with the installation.



SoundLink+ is designed to give you years of trouble-free audio
excitement, but sometimes things go wrong...

"I installed it and I don't hear a thing."

To use any software that produces sound under Windows, you must have
an appropriate sound driver installed. If you have a sound card,
the manufacturer should have included a driver and instructions
describing its installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

If you don't have a sound card, we've included the Microsoft Speaker
Driver, which enables most PCs to play reasonable quality sound
through their built-in speakers. Please refer to the Installation
section above for setup instructions.

"Other programs make sounds, but SoundLink+ doesn't."

After installation you must launch SoundLink+ manually for it to
be loaded and active. SoundLink+ will start up automatically in
subsequent Windows sessions if you selected that option during the
installation. If you don't see the SoundLink+ icon or a
SoundLink+ window, open the Program Manager and double-click on
SoundLink+ (in the "Cool Software!" group). If the program is
already running it will be made visible, but if not it will be
loaded and run.

Once SoundLink+ is running, you must have a sound link defined
to hear a noise. Open the main window and see window captions,
possible actions, and possible sounds, then link them up. There's
on-line help included with SoundLink+ if you have any questions.

Also, check that you haven't clicked on the MUTE ALL box in the
SoundLink+ main window, and that your volume settings aren't too

"It was working, then it just quit."

Some programs for Microsoft Windows 3.1 aren't as cooperative as
they are supposed to be with other programs. If you suddenly
notice SoundLink+ being silent but there is still some sound
coming from the computer, the chances are good that one of the
other programs you are running is "hogging" the sound device. In
that case, just quit SoundLink+ and start it up again when you've
shut down the other program.

If you find incompatibilities or other problems with SoundLink+, we'd
like to hear about it. Send email to us at:

[email protected]


4. Who Are These People, Anyway?

Cool Software, Inc. was founded in February, 1994, as a for-profit
corporation with the corporate guideline to devote 10 percent of all
profits to community concerns.

Our goal is to get high-quality, useful, and fun software products to
you for FREE. If you help us now, by trying SoundLink+, and by
entering our contest, you'll help us get you more Cool software in
the future.

We think we're a different sort of company. We believe that software
should be fun, and when possible, free. We're in the process of
lining up corporate sponsors for our upcoming software utilities.
The idea is that they pay for the software so that you don't have to.
And the more people who use SoundLink+, the more likely we'll have
products to offer you in the future.

We intend to make a difference in our communities, too. See
community concerns in the help file of SoundLink+ for more

We welcome your comments and suggestions. We can be reached by mail,
phone, fax or email:

Cool Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 6207
Beaverton, OR 97007

(503) 721-4508 (voice)
(503) 649-7638 (fax)

How to contact us on the Internet:

To find out how to get SoundLink+, send any note to: [email protected]
To report bugs, send to: [email protected]
For anything else, send to: [email protected]

CompuServe: 71231,3505


5. Required Legal Bits

The SoundLink+ program is Copyright (C) 1994 by Cool Software, Inc.,
All Rights Reserved.

Cool Software grants you a non-exclusive license to use the
SoundLink+ software, subject to the terms set forth below.

Cool Software makes no warranty or representation, either expressed
or implied, with respect to SoundLink+, its quality, performance,
merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. This software
is distributed for free, "as is", and you, the user, are assuming the
entire risk as to its quality and performance. In no event will Cool
Software be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or
consequential damages resulting from any defect in the software or
its documentation, even if advised of the possibility of such
damages. In particular, Cool Software shall have no liability for
any programs or data stored in or used with Cool Software products,
including the cost of recovering such programs or data.

The warranty and remedies set forth above are exclusive and in lieu
of all others, oral or written, expressed or implied. No Cool
Software dealer, agent, or employee is authorized to make any
modification, extension or addition to this warranty.

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