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Latest MediaVision Pro Audio Spectrum Windows 3.1 drivers. Version 1.44.
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Latest MediaVision Pro Audio Spectrum Windows 3.1 drivers. Version 1.44.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE1.LIS 259 168 deflated
FILE2.LIS 171 123 deflated
FILE3.LIS 244 162 deflated
FILE4.LIS 64 58 deflated
FILE5.LIS 189 130 deflated
INSTALL.INS 10610 2785 deflated
MCIMIXER.DRV 10560 4445 deflated
MIDIMAP.CFG 42238 3487 deflated
MMMIXER.DLL 22800 4661 deflated
MV.INI 131 93 deflated
MVFM.DRV 23248 7630 deflated
MVLGO.BMP 7750 723 deflated
MVMIXER.DRV 37488 13511 deflated
MVPROAUD.DRV 24608 13042 deflated
MVSOUND.SYS 16510 8940 deflated
OEMSETUP.INF 952 371 deflated
OPL3.DRV 27648 14260 deflated
PKCD.EXE 106720 36218 deflated
PMIX.EXE 53744 21683 deflated
PREC.EXE 116784 50591 deflated
PROMIX.EXE 36192 15926 deflated
README.DOC 2820 1253 deflated
SBWAVE.DRV 33712 8892 deflated
SETUP.EXE 241664 92553 deflated
UPDATE.WRI 22912 7468 deflated
VADMAD.386 4690 504 deflated
VPASD.386 15967 6080 deflated

Download File WIN144.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.DOC file


NOTE: Please read the UPDATE.WRI in the pocket tools group for more
information required for seting up the Mixer.

Because these are updated files, you will have to go through a few steps to
make sure you get a successfull install.

1. Copy the MVSOUND.SYS (Dated 11/30/92 or later) provided with these drivers
to the location of your current MVSOUND.SYS. (usually the Proaudio, CDPC,
Fusion, or Fuson16 directory) Version 1.44 Windows drivers require this
version of MVSOUND.SYS.

2. Reboot your computer.

3. Start Windows.

4. Remove all older drivers. This is done by running Windows. Go in the
group called MAIN. Run Control Panel. Next double click on the Drivers

5. Remove all the drivers that relate to the ProAudio Spectrum and Media
Vision. Also remove [MCI] Mixer Control. There will be a total of 4 to

ie: (NOTE: the wording might vary.)

ProAudio Spectrum/CDPC Mixer
ProAudio Spectrum/CDPC Wave/Midi/Aux
Voyetra/Media Vision OPL-3 Stereo FM driver
[MCI] Mixer Control

6. Return to the Program Manager. Now go in the Multimedia Tools group.

7. Select one of the icons (click once) and then hit the DEL key on your
keyboard. Then Enter. This will delete a icon. Continue for the next 3
icons. Then once more and this will delete the Group. this is done so
you wont end up with duplicate icons/groups.

The Icons to remove are:

Pocket Recorder
Pocket Mixer
Pro Mixer

8. Restart Windows.

9. Select FILE then RUN and enter : A:\setup
(Or subsitute the drive or directory where you unzipped the updated drivers.)

10. Continue the install by following the on-screen instructions.

11. Restart Windows, and the Drivers will be active.

12. Open Control Panel, Drivers option again, and click once on Pro Audio
Spectrum CDPC Mixer. Click the setup button, and choose the settings that
best best suit your Situaton. (remember DOS settings are at default values
on startup, and are not usually desired under windows.)

13. Click on Pro Audio Spectrum/CDPC Wav/MIDI/AUX driver, and click on the
setup button. Choose an appropriate DMA Channel for your needs:
0,1,2,3 - for general purpose, and 8 bit recording, or 5,7 for 16 bit
recording, or high performance use. (note the PAS + can use a 16-bit DMA,
even though it can not do 16 bit recordings.)

14. Restart Windows.

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