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Windows 3.0 program that displays world clock-time zones.
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Windows 3.0 program that displays world clock-time zones.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

X World Clock 10/01/1991


Copy XCLOCK.EXE and XCLOCK.CFG to a directory with the VBRUN100.DLL
for Visual Basic Applications. You need this file to run this
application, it is also available on CompuServe.

Start the Windows Program Manager and install XCLOCK.EXE like other
Windows applications: choose New and use Browse feature to select
directory and XCLOCK.EXE file.

On Runtime Error ("File not found") make shure, that the XCLOCK.CFG file
is in the same directory as XCLOCK.EXE file.


Choose Setup from menu of Extended World Clock.

Set Local : Set the Local Time to a certain Time Zone.
This is stored in XCLOCK.CFG file and
restored on next start of XCLOCK

Set Clock : Set System Clock with Windows Control Program.

Mouse DblClick on a timer : Set local time to this time zone
for temporary use.

Local Time Zone is displayed by a different color of date and time.

About Extended World Clock

This application was written at a first glance to Visual Basic.
I only would like to get a first impression of working with VB.
Therefore the clock didn't reflect special time differences like
summer time, but I could improve this or solve problems in a
later release.
Please send a short note on CompuServe, if you detect some bugs in
this program or if you would like to develop it.
Give a copy of this Extended World Clock to anyone you like (don't like)

Wilfried Kienemund

CompuServe 100015 , 2550

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