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Windows .ZIP file extraction utility.
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Windows .ZIP file extraction utility.
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1.0 o Initial release.

1.1 o Fixed File/Open/Canel bugglet.
o Program now unzips to the directory in which the Zip
file resides.
o Window now clears before the next Zip file is unzipped.

1.2 o Added CRC checking.
o Resizing the window does not clear it.
o Added a graphic icon.
1.3 o Temporarily removed CRC checking.
o Reworked data segments to allow multiple instances.
(should've bought the Petzold book first |)
o Allowed for automatic scrolling when unzipped files
exceed window size.
o New icon, thanks to Paul Mayer.


At this time there are no command line switches.
Syntax is thus:

WinUnZip [.zip]

... or just run it and use the file open command. When you "ok" the
file you want, it will be unzipped with each file name and compression
method listed in the client window.

This is a handy program to use with utilities like Launch, or Command Post.
It's FREE FREE FREE, just enjoy and understand no guarantees or promises,
implied or otherwise, exist, even if it does happen to work for you.

Mickey Coulter
3423 Fountain Circle
Montgomery, AL 36116
(205) 279-8498


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