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LM Font Viewer and Printer for Windows 3.0.
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LM Font Viewer and Printer for Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the LMFONTS.TXT file

LM Font Viewer and Printer
Version 1.8

This update to the LMFont program adds a few new features and fixes
some of the printing problems with the LM 135 set. The single character
display will now update when you choose another font name. I have also
included an ANSI chart that can be displayed or printed. The program now
works with ATM 2.0 as does the GS1280, but some of the screen labels are
unreadable if you have set helv=helvetica in either the synonyms or
Aliases section of the ATM.ini file.
The program will display the full character set on the screen for
all LXO's that have screen fonts. In the case of the GS 1280...all of them.
If you are not using an LM display the program will still print the list of
the entire LXO directory in all font weights (Normal, Bold, Italic and Bold
Italic). There were a few exceptions where the second weight was not Bold,
but was in fact Italic. The exceptions found in the 135 fonts have been
taken into consideration and will print correctly.
I have found that resetting the printer driver to 300 dpi will speed
up the printing and looks good enough for a font catalog. If you wish to
view a different single character in the selected font you only need to
change the character view. This is done by clicking on the scroll bar in
the display text window, editing the character number or by editing the
character itself.
The custom text button will clear the display window and allow you to
type in your own text in the selected font for viewing only.
The Print routine will give you a font count, and print 10 fonts per
page with sample text and may be canceled at any time. The startup screen
for the print routine allows you to start or restart from any number in the
list in the event your printer eats a page and you don't want to print the
entire catalog again.
I can't find any bugs, but would appreciate hearing from anyone who
does. There was a problem with ITC Clearface Black either printing both as
normal or both as italic. I believe I found a way around it, but it
still acts up on occasion.
The program was developed on a Zenith 386/16 - LaserMaster Profes-
sional Controller - 4 Meg - LM Software ver 358B - Laserjet III and a GS1280
display. The program requires VBRUN100.dll to run, available on most BBS's.

If you find this program useful a check for $10 would be most appreciated.

Sandy Bloch
Computer Support
1801 E. 12th Ph 2
Cleveland, Ohio 44114-3521
(216) 696-0127
Compuserve: 70170,123

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