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Saves keystrokes and replays them for Windows.
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Saves keystrokes and replays them for Windows.
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Contents of the JOURNAL.DOC file

Journalling is a way to save and replay Windows events.

1) To start recording events: Press F8.
You will be prompted for a file name. From the time you hit
[or click OK] your events will be stored in the file
you specified.

2) To stop recording: Press F9.
This will close the recording file.

3) To replay an existing journalled file: Press F10.
Again, you will be prompted for a filename. You should type in
the filename of a previously journalled file. Pressing
is the same as clicking Normal. Your events will be played back
exactly as they were recorded. Clicking Turbo will replay your
events as fast as possible. This is only a novelty and might cause
errors on actions that are time dependent.

4) To "close" the Journal window: Press F7.
Since Journal doesn't have a window, you must do this to make it
go away.

5) Double-clicking on a .JRN file (if defined in your WIN.INI) in the DOS
window will cause Journal to replay the file. Journal will go away
when it finishes replaying. You do not need to press F7 in this case.

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