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A Windows 3.1 based file viewer.
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A Windows 3.1 based file viewer.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CHANGES.TXT 1272 534 deflated
FILEVIEW.EXE 76144 37382 deflated
FILEVIEW.HLP 21940 10651 deflated
FILEVIEW.TXT 48847 7866 deflated
FVSITE.LIC 2112 414 deflated
FVUSER.LIC 1751 394 deflated
READ.ME 727 247 deflated
SRSLIB.DLL 7833 1753 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


Release 1.4

April 15, 1992

The following files are included in FileView release 1.4:

FILEVIEW.TXT FileView user guide.

FILEVIEW.HLP FileView online user guide.

CHANGES.TXT Fileview release notes.

FVSITE.LIC A site license application for Fileview.

FVUSER.LIC A single user license application for

FILEVIEW.EXE The executable program

READ.ME This file.

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