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A black hole for dumping files in windows.
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A black hole for dumping files in windows.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Black Hole
Version 1.0

Copyright 1993 by R. R. Merritt

Use of Black Hole

Black Hole is "freeware" and may be used without paying any registration fees.
It can be distributed freely provided it is done so using the original,
unmodified archive. For private use only. Re-selling or any commercial use of
the program without my approval is forbidden.

The author is not responsible for any files deleted or data lost as a result
of using this program.

This program requires Microsoft Windows version 3.1 or beyond. It has not been
tested using WINOS2 3.1 under OS/2 2.1

Files in this archive:

README.TXT - This file
BLACKHOL.WRI - The installation instructions, in Windows Write format.
BLACKHOL.EXE - The actual program.

Questions or comments are welcome. You may contact me via E-mail at 73747,3361 on
CompuServe or at ROBBINM on America Online.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The default delete confirmation settings of this program are for
directory deletion only. If you want any additional confirmations, you must
changed the program settings.

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