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Windows User Group Newsletter #4.
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Windows User Group Newsletter #4.
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X----j----- -|--!-mv<{"Helv\701j.GUUUU-"!%THE MICROSOFT WINDOWS USER NEWSLETTERm*"Helv\701j.GUUUU-#[email protected] by the Softwaire Centre of Niles, IL (312) 965-9044m*"Helv\701j.GUUUU-$#!9Free of charge to the members of the WINDOWS USER'S GROUPTms Rmn01j.GUUUU-%!
W.O.T.W #4i+^_]
Welcome to another issue of WINDOWS on the World. A lot has changed here since our last issue, so let's get started. We are running off an entirely new system here. It consists of the following: IDS PC-286 10mhz, Micropolis 40 meg. 25 msec drive, STB EGA Plus, NEC Multisync, Mouse Systems mouse, Princeton LS-300 scanner, & TI-Omnilaser 2108 (Postscript mode). As you can also probably tell, we are running Pagemaker finally!

Also, the WINDOWS world is changing. In this issue we present our first index to WINDOWS software. We tried as best as we could to cover all the software that is presently out, as well as that which is due to appear shortly. We've even included a list of those developers who have announced plans to market WINDOWS software in the future, but have not yet announced any definite plans. (Thought you might find some interesting names in that list. Ed.) WINDOWS based software is beginning to appear in quantity, and quality. Two new products in particular which have been able to grab our interest are Opus One from RoyKore Software, and Pro-3D PC from Enabling Technologies. These products seem to hold a great deal of promise. We hope to hear from which products in the index interest you. We plan to publish a full review of the products that garner the most interest from our readers. Also, if you know of any WINDOWS program that is either available or in development that did not make our list, call and let me know so that we can add it to a future listing.

What's New

Actor & Pagemaker Ship!! Both Actor from the Whitewater Group and Pagemaker from Aldus began shipping around the middle of February, thus ending the long wait for truly powerful software for the Windows environment. Other major announcements are expected before the end of the first quarter.

Sybex book company releases first programmer's reference to Microsoft Windows. Programmer's Guide to MS-Windows should ease the learning curve experienced by those people struggling with the Windows Development Kit.

Adam Osborne of Paperback software has announced his intention to enter the Windows Software market with Windows based versions of his already popular packages VP-Planner, VP-Info, and VP-Expert. These products should debut sometime in the third quarter.

In the category of beating them to the punch, we nominate Que Corporation. In its recent Spring '87 catalogue, Que announced the Summer release of a book titled Using Excel on the IBM PC. We hope that Microsoft can take the pressure and have the program on the shelf before the title ships from Que. Do you think Que knows something Microsoft doesn't?

Microsoft releases Windows driver library to the public domain. Additional drivers for the Windows environment can now be obtained through public domain sources such as Compuserve, DIAL, GEnie, or your local Microsoft authorized dealer. This is only the first edition to the library and Microsoft promises regular additions.

CW Communications, Inc. the publishers of PC World, Macworld and Publish! Will preview WINDOWS, The Solutions Magazine in September. Regular bi-monthly publication will commence in November. People who already receive PC World will be sent the preview issue along with their regular September issue.

InfoWorld published an article on yours truly and the WINDOWS ON THE WORLD in their issue from the week of February 23. I suggest that you all run out and grab a copy, as it is sure to be an invaluable collector's item.

In the Rumour-Mill

According to a report in the January 27 issue of PC Week, Microsoft is planning a new version of Windows to begin shipping sometime before the middle of the year. Key features of the new version will be: compatibility with the present HP enhancements, ability to directly use AST's EEMS memory for program and data swapping (true concurrency?), enhanced environment features, ability to choose between tiled and over-laid windows, and a dramatic speed increase.

Recent stories report that Microsoft has been asked to hold up release of Windows for the '386 environment by IBM. As the story has been told, IBM does not want to give Compaq any further lead in the '386 wars, so IBM plans to bundle '386 Windows with its new line of PCs. In return for the extra wait, Microsoft may be awarded IBM sanction of Windows as the official PC operating environment.

Ventura Publisher from Xerox may soon be showing a different face. Reports seem to indicate that Ventura, the authors of the program, are hard at work on an MS-Windows based version of the popular desktop publishing package. This would not only allow them to be able to address all of the benefits of Windows, but it would put them in a better position to go head-to-head with Pagemaker from Aldus.

Tips & Tricks

This issue we talk about Public Domain programs available for Windows. There is already quite a list of software that doesn't cost a penny (other than the cost of the disk and shipping) available for the Microsoft WINDOWS environment. Most of the software is demonstration software written by either private developers or Microsoft, in order to test out certain application theories. While some of it will surprise you by showing you things you didn't think your PC was capable of, some of it is also very useful. There is an application that will allow you to copy any WINDOWS screen to the clipboard, and there is also an application that will let you examine any of the sectors on you disk drive (hard or floppy). A complete index of the software that is available in the public domain is located in the index section of this issue.

Also, I would like to cover using expanded (EMS/EEMS) memory with the WINDOWS environment. You can dramatically speed up the operation of WINDOWS on any PC/XT/AT through the use of such add-in memory. WINDOWS will not see this memory as extra memory above 640K, but it can definitely take advantage of it nonetheless. If you follow these steps, I guarantee you improved performance.

1. Install about 2 meg. of memory in your machine above 640K.
2. Set up your autoexec.bat file so that it automatically configures 2 RAM disks (1.5 meg, .5 meg).
3. Set up your autoexec.bat file so that it automatically loads WINDOWS into the larger RAM disk from your hard disk.
4. Set up your config.sys file so that [set temp = {smaller RAM disk}].
5. Boot your system - and watch it fly.
*note: make sure to save all files to the hard disk, not the RAM disk!!!


I am not going to attempt at this point to do a complete review of PageMaker from Aldus, primarily because I don't have the room to do so. What I would like to do, is share some comments I have on the program from my experience in putting together this newsletter.
First, I am very impressed with the program. Since I have been able to work with it, I have had no complaints or problems. Everything runs as smoothly as I would have expected. The integration with other WINDOWS programs is flawless.
The process for setting up the newsletter is very simple. First I set up the master pages, which define the general layout for the document, so that I was working with a two column, 8.5" X 11" page, with a .25" column separator. Then all I need to do is approximate how many pages that I am going to need, so that I have them all ready. (I can add or delete more at any time.) Most of the pieces that will fall into the newsletter are created ahead of time. The masthead was prepared from within Draw!, the index was done in Filer then imported to Write for some formatting, the rest of the articles were written from scratch in Write, and this article is being written internally from within PageMaker. The files were checked with Spell then brought together into PageMaker and laid out into the defined column guides. Any reformatting was done at that time. For example, the first section of the newsletter is set up with a single column format, while the rest is set up with the dual column definitions
that I set up when I began PageMaker. To do this, all I needed to do was place the document within the first column and then stretch the lower right hand corner to the new lower right hand corner over the second column. This causes the text to reformat into a single column.
PageMaker is designed to be a very flexible program, thus it allows you a great degree of manual control. Ruler guides are present on both the top of the screen as well as the left hand side of the screen. This allows great precision in the placing of your elements. These rulers can be set to either inches, decimal inches, millimeters, picas, or ciceros. Blue-lines can be placed anywhere within the past-up board to accommodate placement as well.
PageMaker seems to deliver in what it promised, efficient desktop publishing in the PC environment. In further issues I shall be examining its more advanced features in more depth as I come across them.


The following programs are either presently available, or soon to be available for WINDOWS!

Access Softech

A text search program similar to the popular ZyIndex. Dragnet allows you to search an entire disk for words or phrases within your documents. An invaluable tool to those people with a hard disk.


Adobe Illustrator
Work has already begun to port Adobe's Postscript drawing program to Windows. The program will allow for the creation of Postscript art which can then be output to any compatible device. The benefit to this is that through Postscript, the program will have the capability to produce professional half-tone and gray-scale art with very little effort.

Font Library
The entire Postscript font library is due to premier under Windows sometime in the first half of '87. This will greatly increase the type available for those of you lucky enough to already own, or have access to a TI Omni-Laser or Apple Laserwriter.

Aldus Corporation

As you can tell from our new look, PageMaker has indeed arrived from Aldus. The program that ushered in the desktop publishing era is now showing on a PC near you. PageMaker operates identically to its Macintosh counterpart with the addition of close to 20 enhancements. We feel this is going to be one important product in '87.

Arity Software

Prolog Compiler & Interpreter
If you have been waiting to do some Prolog software development in the Windows environment, you may not have to wait much longer. Arity, the makers of the most complete Prolog for the PC, is porting their highly successful development system to the Windows environment sometime in '87. They will also be developing applications in Prolog for Windows to be released in '88.


Fontware will allow the end user to construct his own fonts and/or bitmaps for use anywhere within the Windows environment. Once this program is available, expect to see a wide proliferation of public-domain fonts for Windows.

Font Library
Bitstream will also be porting their extensive font library over to the PC under Windows. Bitstream is the company responsible for all of the GEM typefaces.

Blyth Software

Omnis 3
The powerful relational database for the Mac and PC will soon be sporting a WINDOWS user interface. This could very well be the first relational product for WINDOWS.

Cadlogic Systems - Mitac

Instinct is another drawing package similar to DRAW! from Micrografx. One advantage is its ability to place bit-mapped graphics from the clipboard in its drawing space. Instinct also has the ability to rotate any given object by single degree increments. Available in '87.

Cricket Software

Cricket Graph
Cricket Software has introduced its popular graphing software for the Mac, on the PC under Windows. Graph will support the DDE protocol for "Hot Links" with other DDE programs such as EXCEL in order to provide integration of graphs with other software.

Enabling Technologies

A three dimensional solid modeling package with the ability to manipulate color. Another program ported over from the Macintosh, Pro-3D has the reputation of being the only such program on the Mac to fully support Postscript output. The IBM version will be no different. For any solid design work, this program looks as if it will offer superior quality.

Geovision, Inc

A CD based interactive mapping program of incredible detail. System is sold with an AT and all of the needed hardware.


WINDOWS based scanning software. ScanDo will allow the simultaneous use of the scanner with your desktop publishing environment. Manipulation of the scanned image will also be possible from within the software.

Big Paint

Big Paint is still under development, but it will probably be the first WINDOWS based drawing package to allow the user to reproduce a true 300 dpi image on screen.

Will be a clip art organization utility designed to keep an entire library of clip art ready and available to the desktop publisher.


Clickstart! is a menuing front-end interface to the WINDOWS environment. What this means is that instead of seeing the MS-DOS executive when you boot up Windows, you will see the ClickStart! menu of your applications. All you need to do is press a key or click on a menu to start that item. Benefits to this system is that descriptions of the programs can be
given, help is also available, as is password protection.

Manhattan Graphics

ReadySetGo is another of the very popular desktop publishing programs presently on the Mac and soon to be in Windows. ReadySetGo and Pagemaker are already rival packages on the Mac, and I'm sure will soon be as well on the PC.

Micrografx, Inc.

In*A*Vision is already the premiere CAD/Design program on the PC under WINDOWS, it was also the first commercially available WINDOWS program; even before WINDOWS itself. In*A*Vision is very powerful; supporting full color, 16 layers, extended drawing space, templating, etc. For any serious designer in WINDOWS, this package is a must.

Draw! is the younger cousin to In*A*Vision. Although not quite as powerful, the two programs share much of the same functionality. Draw! is really a smaller version of In*A*Vision for those people whose primary interest is presentation graphics. Draw! also has the added feature of being able to read Lotus 1-2-3 graphs directly.

Graph! is the new product from Micrografx. Though not available yet, much information about this interesting new product has come to light. Graph! will support DDE so as to allow "Hot Linking" with EXCEL and other DDE programs. It will also encompass not only the range of standard business graphs, but also scientific graphs as well, ie. Log, etc. Graph will also have a customizing feature to allow you to design your own custom graph types. This should be a very powerful package.

Microsoft Corporation

EXCEL has been everything but announced at this point. Books are already being published on the program. (Ed. see What's New in this issue.) Excel is the next generation spreadsheet from Microsoft for the WINDOWS environment. Already running on the Mac, the WINDOWS version will also be fully 1-2-3 compatible. Given the multi-tasking ability of WINDOWS along with the ability to "Hot Link" to other programs through DDE, expect to see Excel giving Lotus a run for its money.

Mindscape, Inc.

Balance of Power
Balance of Power is a geo-political world simulation by Chris Crawford. The detail in this game is astounding, as is the potential level of complexity. You can play at any level you wish from beginner to expert. All you have to do is avoid nuclear war, sound simple? You'll probably need the companion book from Microsoft Press if you plan to become an expert.

Neuron Data

Nexpert Object
An artificial intelligence expert system environment developed around WINDOWS. A complete programming environment and development system.

Palantir Software

A truly excellent communications program for the WINDOWS environment. InTalk allows the user to design his own mouse selectable macros as well as write full script programs to automate operations. InTalk also provides for several terminal emulations as well as VidTex graphics. Unlike WINDOWS Terminal, InTalk allows for full uploading and downloading.

Spell is the first spelling checker for the WINDOWS environment. It will allow for the checking of any Write, Draw!, or In*A*Vision file, as well as input from the clipboard or keyboard.

Filer is a dBase file compatible flat filing system which allows for the importation of graphics into the records. Presently the only data-base out for WINDOWS, Filer opens the door for graphic data-bases on the PC.


Opus One
Opus One reminds me most of Business Filevision on the Mac. Opus One allows you to create graphics with its internal drawing program and then to link them with its data-base. Data can be view in either table view, forms view, or as a graphic representation. Opus One allows you to work with words and pictures interactively.


Click Art Libraries
T/Maker publishes a wide range of clip art for the Mac, and they will be porting it all to WINDOWS.

The Whitewater Group

Actor is an artificial intelligence, object oriented programming language based on Smalltalk for the WINDOWS environment. Programs written with Actor are full WINDOWS programs and make full use of the environment.

ZSOFT Corporation

Windows Paintbrush+
ZSOFT the creator of PC Paintbrush+ on the IBM will be porting that program into the WINDOWS environment. It could be the first full color painting program for the WINDOWS world.

The following companies have already announced their intentions to produce Windows related software; however there has either been no formal announcement, or there is little information as to what the final product shall look like.

a la mode, inc.
Templates - As soon as Excel ships from Microsoft expect to see a wide variety of templates from a la mode.

A.B. Dick
Desktop publishing - A.B. Dick is presently working on a D.P. system designed around InPrint.

For all of you serious hackers out there, Atron markets a high-end hardware and software combination debugging tool.

Answer Software Corporation
Tired of debugging WINDOWS Apps with Codeview? Answer Software markets an 80286 emulator and symbolic debugger for WINDOWS.

C2 Computer Specialist
Font compiler under development, which will allow for the translation of font outlines into bitmapped font files.

Capilano Computing Systems, Ltd.
Digital logic design tools for the WINDOWS environment.

Digital Communications Associates.
In development - 3270 IRMA interface for the WINDOWS environment.

Dynamic Graphics, Inc.
DGI is presently compiling Clip-Art libraries for WINDOWS.

Future Tech
Developing CAD software for WINDOWS.

Generic Software
The publishers of Generic CAD are hard at work putting together a WINDOWS version of the popular program.

Island Graphics - Micropro
Island Graphics is putting together a desktop publishing program code named "Prism" to be marketed by Micropro.

LegalWare Inc.
WINDOWS based Law office management software.

Palos Verdes Software
Office automation and accounting software.

Purart, Inc.
WINDOWS software prototyping system for software development.

RealWorld Corporation
RealWorld is busy porting their accounting system over to WINDOWS.

Software Products International
The makers of Open Access are also porting their system over to WINDOWS.

Font utilities which will allow for the creation of a large body of fonts across a variety of devices.

The following companies are currently developing Windows based software, but have not yet announced a product.

American Financial Systems, Inc.
Animate Systems, Inc.
Asymetrix Corporation
Bev Software
Business Computer Services
Central Canada Grocers, Inc.
Cooper Development
Crosstalk Communications
Data Command
Electric Fantasy
Graphic Software Systems (GSS)
Gupta Technologies
Kiethley Instruments, Inc.
Laboratory Microsystems, Inc.
Living Videotext, Inc.
Lotus Development Corporation
Magic Software, Inc.
MCC Powers
Media Cybernetics
Meta Software, Inc.
Micro Data Base Systems, Inc.
Micro Desicionware
Micro Technology Software Inc.
Microplot Systems
Mitrin, Inc.
Nestar Systems
Objective Systems
Perkins Engineering
Pictureware, Inc.
Productivity Solutions
Quantum Consulting, Inc.
Redstone Development Corporation
Sapiens Software Corporation
Smith Brittain & Associates
Soft Systems
Software Design Engineering
The Periscope Co, Inc.
The Tools Group
The Windows Support Group
This is How
United Software Industries
Wavetek San Diego, Inc.
Wilder Engineering

The index below lists some of the programs currently available in the public domain. If you can not find these programs on your local bulletin board, give me a call and we can send some out to you for just the cost of the disk plus shipping.

Boxes - a quick moving repetitive pattern of colored boxes. Runs in an icon.
Crumble - destroys your screen by eating away parts of it. Will run until WINDOWS is quit.
Cube - a three dimensional floating hypercube in rotation. Runs in an icon, pop-up, or full window.
Disklook - is a WINDOWS based sector examiner. Does not allow for sector modification.
Finfo - prints to the screen all of the system information about your set-up, ie. metrics, fonts, etc.
Fishes - a video aquarium inside your PC. All types of fish swimming about, penguins too! Runs in an icon.
Fontdemo - prints to screen all the fonts, in every size, currently installed in your system.
Fuse - a moving graphic demo displaying all of the colors in your system. Line art. Runs in an icon.
Globe - a foreign PD program from France. Rotates the globe and lets you view most major cities and their relative times and distances from each other. Runs in an icon.
Mandel - draws the mandelbrot curve. Requires color. Allows for zoom and pan manipulation.
Mondrian - similar to boxes, but in overlapping black and white patterns.
Palette - produces the color scale for your system through the use of dithering patterns. Runs in an icon.
PC-Test - PC magazine's display tests for the IBM written in WINDOWS. See how fast your system really is.
Popyears - a pop-up calendar which allows for quick manipulation for looking up dates.
Slapjr - allows you to copy all or part of your WINDOWS screen to the clipboard.
Slug - like crumble, slug attempts to destroy your screen, this time by having slugs eat it.
Tictac3D - three dimensional tic-tac-toe in a 4X4 matrix to increase difficulty. Multiple levels of play.
Tuna - adjusts your system colors through manipulation of Red, Green, & Blue values.
Web - a simple line art drawing program in multiple color.
Winfo - prints your system's GDI and Metric information to the printer.


Thus we come to the end of yet another issue. I hope the enclosed inedeces prove to be of some help. If you have any questions about any of the products, just give me a call, Peter - (312) 965-9044. If the program is already shipping, we can ship it out to you as well. For the next issue we hope to be reviewing Opus One from RoyKore Software, and Pro-3D PC from Enabling Technologies. Both of these programs look as if they will make quite an impact, but we'll see. If there is anything else you would like us to look at, or cover in a future issue, give me a call. I'm always glad to hear from you.

Until next time ..................rrays/Continental
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