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Icon -> .BMP file conversion for Windows.
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Icon -> .BMP file conversion for Windows.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ICOBMP.BAS 121 76 deflated
ICOBMP.BMP 630 172 deflated
ICOBMP.EXE 9323 3582 deflated
ICOBMP.FRM 5180 2336 deflated
ICOBMP.ICO 766 173 deflated
ICOBMP.MAK 61 52 deflated
ICOMBP.DOC 665 359 deflated

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Contents of the ICOMBP.DOC file


Not much of a doc needed here. This utility converts .ICO files to
their equivalent .BMP files. You can convert either a directory full
of files, or add individual files to a list, then covert the entire

Converted files are stored in the same directory where the original
.ICO files were found. The selected files list box can contain files
from more than one directory, and will save converted files in their
original directories as well.

This program is in the public domain, and was written by George
Campbell. You may do with it as you will. Information on how to
contact me is in the About Dialog.

Have fun.

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