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Newstart v. 1.04 - Changes Widows startup screen with VB source code.
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Newstart v. 1.04 – Changes Widows startup screen with VB source code.
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NEWST1.FRM 11323 4475 deflated
NEWST2.FRM 1964 1032 deflated
NEWSTART.BAS 258 135 deflated
NEWSTART.EXE 23597 9746 deflated
NEWSTART.GBL 1449 480 deflated
NEWSTART.HLP 14286 6880 deflated
NEWSTART.HPJ 63 62 deflated
NEWSTART.MAK 121 84 deflated
NEWSTART.RTF 13548 3919 deflated
NEWSTART.TXT 7505 3065 deflated
NEWSTART.WRI 6912 2958 deflated
NSABOUT.FRM 3121 1633 deflated
SPOCK.RLE 47678 14989 deflated

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Contents of the NEWSTART.TXT file

FreeWare from Mote Prime BBS
Columbia South Carolina - 803-782-3772
Sysop - Jeff Elkins


Program InformationProgramInformation
Restore Microsoft's Default RLERestoreMicrosoftsDefaultRLE
How Newstart OperatesHowNewstartOperates
Deleting FilesDeletingFiles
Viewing Bitmap FilesViewingBitmapFiles
Creating RLE FilesCreatingRLEFiles
Display AdaptersDisplayAdapters
RLE File TypesRLEFileTypes
Legal IssuesLegalIssues
Tech SupportTechSupport

# $ K + Program Information:

Files Included: NEWSTART.EXE
Assorted .RLE Files.

NewStart V1.03 is a Windows 3.0 utility designed to change your startup RLE file from Microsoft's to one of your choice. Copy Newstart, it's .HLP file and the .RLE files you wish to use to generate startup screens into your windows subdirectory or the subdirectory of your choice.

# $ K + As a Precaution

Make and KEEP a copy of WIN.COM in your windows subdirectory. Call it or whatever you choose EXCEPT for WINBAK.COM

NewStart will create a copy of WIN.COM called WINBAK.COM before it changes your RLE. It does this each time you change the RLE so you always have a copy of the previous WIN.COM in your Windows directory. If the WIN.COM produced by NewStart fails to start windows properly, rename WINBAK.COM WIN.COM and try again.

# $ K + Restore Microsofts Default RLE

NewStart has a button which will restore Microsoft's default RLE file. If for any reason you want the default RLE restored click this button.

# $ K + How Newstart Operates:

Newstart uses methods previously described to build a new WIN.COM file in your windows subdirectory. In essence, It COMBINES the files WIN.CNF' ,a .LGO file, and the .RLE file (Run-Length Encoded 4-bit) bitmap into the file 'WIN.COM'. This is the equivalent of the DOS copy command:


# $ K + Deleting Files:

The delete button allows you to delete a highlighted file. After the button is pressed a message box is displayed, asking for confirmation of the deletion.

# $ K + Viewing RLE Files:

NewStart allows you to view your RLEs by clicking the view radio button then double-clicking the appropriate file or by highlighting the file and pressing the Execute button.

# $ K + Creating RLE Files:

To create your own RLE file create a graphics file in Windows Paint or the paint program of your choice.Save it as a BMP or GIF file (if your paint program allows GIF format). If like me you can't draw worth a hoot start with a GIF you know and love. The image can be no larger than 640X480 and have no more than 16 colors. NewStart imposes a limit of 63K for maximum size of any RLE it processes.

Next, use a graphics conversion program such as WinGIF or Paint Shop to convert the BMP or GIF file to a 'Format RLE' or 'Format RLE 4' file. The file should now be usable as a Windows 3.0 startup screen.

# $ K + Display Adapters:

As far as display adapters go, NewStart has been tested on VGA. Support code for XGA , 3514/A , SuperVGA , EGA , Hercules and CGA is present but HAS NOT BEEN TESTED !

To determine video vertical resolution I'm using the Windows API call GetDeviceCaps(HDC,vertres)

Petzold's "Programming Windows" version 3 lists the following values:


VERTRES 200 350 480 760

In addition, from PC Magazine:

VERTRES 348 600 768

producing the following selection table:



EGA monochrome users may have problems. I'd try to copy your EGAMONO.LGO file in the system directory to EGALOGO.LGO and see if it works. Repeat these steps for the EGAMONO.RLE file.

# $ K + RLE File Types

RLE stands for Run Length Encoded. RLE's are compressed images (compressed, in this context, meaning the size of the file, somewhat like the compression gained when you ZIP a program).

There are two different types of RLE files: CompuServe-style RLE files and Microsoft-style RLE files. CompuServe RLE files will NOT work properly with NewStart. Use only the Microsoft variety.

Microsoft-style RLE files also come in several types. The only kind usable for startup screens are RLE4 files. The 4 stands for 4-bit; i.e. a maximum of 16 colors.

Windows BMP files can be translated to RLE4 format using either Paint Shop or WinGIF. Both of these are shareware programs, available on many BBS's, (of course on Mote Prime!) as well as CompuServe and GEnie. Be sure to use a 1991 version of Paint Shop; earlier versions were not reliable when producing RLE4 files.

# $ K + Legal Issues

This program is Freeware.

This program copyrighted and NOT in the public domain. You are free to use it and pass it along to others as long as no fee is charged. Shareware/Freeware distributors who charge a fee may distribute this program as long as the charges reflect their costs only.

DISCLAIMER 1: The Microsoft Windows startup screen (the one that comes up when you first load Windows) is actually a copyright notice. Any problems resulting from the removal of this screen are yours not mine. This program does however, allow you to restore the original startup screen at any time.

DISCLAIMER 2: No matter what damages may result from use of this program, I am NOT responsible. No warranties are offered either express nor implied). Use it at your own risk!

# $ K + Tech Support:

If you have trouble contact me on GENIE (J.ELKINS1) , COMPUSERVE (70302,1573) or on my BBS (803-782-3772) and I'll try to help resolve the problem.

$ Index
# ProgramInformation
$ Program Information
K Program;information;newstart;mote;prime;bbs;filesinstall;installation;setup;background
+ Browse:010
# AsAPrecaution
$ As A Precaution
K Precaution;caution;backup;bak;;disclaimer;important
+ Browse:020
# RestoreMicrosoftsDefaultRLE
$ Restore Microsofts Default RLE
K restore;default;recover;options
+ Browse:030
# HowNewstartOperates
$ How Newstart Operates
K Operate;operations;how;conventions;programming
+ Browse:040
# DeletingFiles
$ Deleting Files
K Deleting,erase
+ Browse:060
# ViewingBitmapFiles
$ Viewing Bitmap Files
K Bitmap,RLE,BMP
+ Browse:050
# CreatingRLEFILES
$ Creating RLE Files
K Create;graphics;paint;bmp;gif;rle;paintshop;windows paint;image;covert;conversion;draw
+ Browse:050
$ Display Adapters
K display,VGA;EGA;CGA;XGA;Hercules,super VGA,3514/A;video;resolution;programming;values;disclaimers
+ Browse:060
# RLEFileTypes
$ RLE File Types
K graphic,rle,microsoft,compuserve
+ Browse:070
# LegalIssues
$ Legal Issues
K legal,warranties,damages,microsoft,publicdomain,freeware
+ Browse:080
# TechSupport
$ Tech Support
K tech support;trouble;help;assistance;GEnie;Compuserve;CIS;author;contact
+ Browse:070

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