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CLIPS 2.1a : lets you store and edit multiple clipboard operations.
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CLIPS 2.1a : lets you store and edit multiple clipboard operations.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Clips 2.1a
Copyright 1993 by Paul Bonner.
All Rights Reserved.

Clips is a clipboard utility that allows you to store and reuse the text from a nearly unlimited number of clipboard operations. Clips was initially described in Paul Bonner' Visual Programming Techniques column in the May 1993 issue of Windows Sources Magazine. Further enhancements to its operation were described in the July 1993 and August 1993 issues of Windows Sources. Finally, a full explanation of its workings and source code can be found in Paul Bonner's PC Magazine Visual Basic Utilities, published by Ziff-Davis Press.

New to Version 2.1a:

(1) The new Combine All item on Clips' Edit menu will automatically combine all the clips in the current file into a single clip. The old Combine Mode option, which allows you to selectively combine clips, remains available on the Settings menu.

(2) You can now toggle Clips between its On, Off, and Combine Mode states by double-clicking on the status label at the bottom of Clips's screen.

(3) Various bug fixes designed to improve Clips' reliability with large (>20k) chunks of clipboard text.

(4) File Save/Load bug fixed.

To install:

1) Create a directory on your hard disk called CLIPS.

2) Copy all files except CMDIALOG.VBX and PUSHHELP.VBX to your CLIPS directory.


4) Create a Program Manager item for CLIPS.EXE.

That's all it takes. The online help file, and articles in my Visual Programming column explain the use of Clips.

Paul Bonner

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