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Windows program to manipulate icons and create libraries. Icon Master for Windows 3.1 - version 1.2c.
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Windows program to manipulate icons and create libraries. Icon Master for Windows 3.1 – version 1.2c.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

IconMaster Version 1.2C


Welcome to IconMaster, the most comprehensive and user friendly
Windows 3 icon management and editing utility available. IconMaster's
earlier Beta release received high marks in the Windows user community.
It was a Public (software) Library "Best of 1991" and a PC World "Top
Pick" and a PC/Computing Magazine "Top Windows Pick".

Version 1.0 was a major upgrade in functionality, performance,
and documentation from the earlier Beta releases.

Version 1.1 added support for the new Windows 3.1.

Version 1.2 added suupport for Norton Desktop for Windows 2.0.

Version 1.2C corrects a number of bugs in previous releases.

We hope you enjoy it.


IconMaster is not free. It is copyright 1991, 1992 and is distributed
as shareware. You may use it to evaluate its suitability to your needs
and you may redistribute it to others under the same terms so long as
you do not charge for it. If you continue to use IconMaster beyond a
reasonable evaluation period, you must register it.

If you wish to distribute IconMaster with a charge for copying or
distribution or if you wish to bundle IconMaster with a commercial
product, you must obtain specific written permission from the author.
Please see the license information in the manual for details.

Unregistered users will occasionally see a registration reminder screen
when the program is started. There are no annoying reminders during
operation and this version is not crippled in any way.

Registration is $20.00 ($25.00 outside the USA) for which you will
receive the most recent version and a registration code to turn off
registration reminder screens. In addition, over 2500 icons in
IconMaster IMZ library format are available with registration for an
additional fee of only $10.00.

Registered users of any previous version can continue to use their
same registration code. Upgrades, which include the IconMaster Icon
Library, are available for only $15.00.

Please see the file REGFORM.TXT for registration and ordering
information or select HELP - ORDER FORM from the IconMaster menu.

European users may register through authorized local distributors.
See the file EUROREG.TXT for more information.

FEATURES SUMMARY (* indicates new in version 1.0, ** new in 1.1)

*Supports 10 different icon file formats
*Full support for Norton Desktop for Windows
*Ultra fast and compact IconMaster Library formats
*Automatic Zipping and unZipping to save space
Full icon editor with transparency
Display hundreds of icons simultaneously in multiple windows
Drag and Drop icon sorting, editing, and Program Manager and
*NDW icon installation
*On-line help
**Window 3.1 support


You should find the following files in the IMSTR11.ZIP distribution:

To be installed together in a directory of your choice:
ICONMSTR.EXE the program
ICONMSTR.WRI the manual (Windows Write format)
ICONMSTR.HLP on-line help file
README.TXT this file
REGFORM.TXT registration order information and form
EUROREG.TXT European registration information

To be installed in your WINDOWS directory:
IMZIP.PIF PIF file for Zipping with PKZIP
IMUNZIP.PIF PIF file for unZipping with PKUNZIP

When posting on bulletin boards, please post only the complete ZIP file
with the name IMSTR12.ZIP


Phillip A. Kaufman
19987 Moran Lane
Saratoga, California 95070

CompuServe: 72431,2543Internet: [email protected]

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