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Test drive for Winfax program. Outstanding fax communication program. Functional demo from manufacturer.
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Test drive for Winfax program. Outstanding fax communication program. Functional demo from manufacturer.
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Contents of the README file

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WINFAX PRO Test Drive README Notes September 3, 1991

WINFAX PRO is a fax communications product for Microsoft Windows from Delrina
Technology Inc. This "Test Drive" version of WINFAX PRO is designed to give
you a preview of the features in the full WINFAX PRO product. You may copy
and freely distribute WINFAX PRO "Test Drive".

For more information on WINFAX PRO, contact Delrina Technology:

Phone: 1-800-268-6082
Fax: 1-408-363-2340

Please review the following notes before running the WINFAX PRO Test Drive
demonstration software.

Overview of WINFAX PRO
WINFAX PRO consists of four components:

1. The WINFAX PRO printer driver is installed in your system like any
other Windows compatible printer. To send a fax from any Windows
application, choose "WINFAX" using the application's Printer Setup or
equivalent command, and then select the Print command.

2. The WINFAX PRO receive module handles incoming faxes.

3. The WINFAX PRO Image Viewer lets you preview faxes on the screen.

4. The WINFAX PRO Administrator performs the actual fax send and receive
functions. It also provides fax management tools.

Installing WINFAX PRO Test Drive
If you have not yet installed WINFAX PRO Test Drive ...

1. Insert the disk into your computer's floppy disk drive.

2. From the Windows Program Manager menu bar, pull down the File menu and
click on the command Run. In the Run dialog, type


and click on OK. The installation program can detect whether or not you
have a fax/modem in your computer. (You can still install WINFAX PRO
Test Drive without a fax/modem to just preview WINFAX PRO's screens and
dialogs). The installation program suggests drives and directories for
your installation which you can overwrite.

Setting Up WINFAX PRO Test Drive to Send and Receive
If you are running WINFAX PRO Test Drive with a Class 2 or Sendfax fax/modem
and will be sending and/or receiving test faxes, you may need to fine tune
your WINFAX configuration. (Note that you cannot send and receive with
WINFAX PRO Test Drive if you have a CAS compatible fax/modem).

Use the Setup command to check and adjust the following settings:

Paper Size - Choose the paper format in which you will typically send
your faxes.

Default Resolution - Select 200 x 200 dpi to achieve the highest quality
fax documents. Select 100 x 200 DPI only if transmission time (cost) is
more important than the print quality of the fax at the receiving end.

Orientation - Choose the orientation in which you want your faxed pages
printed at the receiving end.

Display Call Progress - With this feature enabled, WINFAX PRO displays a
dialog with status messages while you are sending and receiving faxes.
This feature is recommended in the WINFAX PRO Test Drive, because other
fax notification features available in WINFAX PRO are not available in
this demonstration.

Speaker Mode - Set the speaker to always be off or on, or on until WINFAX
PRO connects with a sending or receiving fax device.

Modem Setup - Configure your fax/modem to handle the following:

Detect Busy Tone

Detect Dial Tone

Pulse Dial - Select this setting if your telephone system does not
support "touch tone" dialing.

Dial Retries - Set the number of times you would like WINFAX PRO to try
to send a fax when it encounters a busy signal at the receiving end.

Retry Time - Set the number of seconds between each retry.

Init String - Add special modem settings, if desired.

Maximum Transmission Rate (Max Tx Rate) - Set the maximum rate at which
your fax hardware is designed to transmit.

Volume - Choose a low, medium or high volume setting for your
fax/modem's speaker.

Fax Header - This feature is not available in WINFAX PRO Test Drive.

Station Identifier - Type in your fax number.

Sender Name - Type in your name or company name.

Previewing WINFAX PRO with WINFAX PRO Test Drive
The following describes the full functionality of WINFAX PRO, with Test Drive
limitations noted.

* WINFAX PRO runs with internal or external fax/modems with send or
send/receive capabilities:

Send only - must be Sendfax compatible

Send/receive - must conform to one of the following sets of

Intel DCA/CAS (Communicating Applications Specification)
Class 2 (TR29.2 EIA PN 2388 recommendation)

Refer to the end of this README file for a list of some known WINFAX
compatible boards.

* WINFAX PRO (CAS version) software components work consistently and
seamlessly in relation to existing CAS software. Any additions or changes
you make via WINFAX PRO are also detected by your CAS software. For
example, if you edit your phonebooks in WINFAX PRO, the changes are
reflected when you view your phonebooks using your CAS software. Files
from send and receive events generated from WINFAX PRO are also
accessible via your CAS software.

Note: Some of the features and dialogs shown in WINFAX PRO Test Drive
do not appear in the CAS version of WINFAX PRO, because those
features are handled by software accompanying the CAS fax/modem.

Sending Faxes
* Send faxes from any Windows application by simply selecting the
application's Print command.
[You can only send one-page faxes using WINFAX PRO Test Drive. In
WINFAX PRO, you can send unlimited numbers of pages.]

* Broadcast a fax to a group of recipients, as well as sending them to
[Group broadcasts are not available in WINFAX PRO Test Drive.]

* Combine documents and data from multiple Windows applications - such as
a letter from your word processor, a diagram or graphic from your paint
or draw program, and a cover sheet from your forms processing package -
into a single fax message.
[You cannot combine documents from multiple applications in WINFAX PRO
Test Drive.]

* Send faxes directly from WINFAX, complete with cover page. Define
customized cover pages for these quick faxes, including logos, fax
information blocks and additional text.
["Direct send" faxes and cover pages are not available in WINFAX PRO
Test Drive.]

Receiving Faxes
* Receive faxes in automatic or manual mode. When receiving
automatically, you can immediately view faxes or send them directly to
your printer.
[You can only view one received page - the last page sent to you - in
WINFAX PRO Test Drive. Also, manual receive and view, print and notify
on receive are not available.]

* Receive faxes while in DOS or other non-Windows applications by running
a WINFAX TSR (terminate but stay resident, or memory resident) program.
(The TSR is not required if you have a CAS compatible fax/modem.)
[The WINFAX TSR is not available in WINFAX PRO Test Drive.]

Viewing Faxes
* Preview outgoing faxes and fax attachments before sending them.
[WINFAX PRO Test Drive provides sample files only to view.]

* Review incoming faxes automatically or at your discretion. View
individual pages, or get an overview of all pages in a fax.
[You can view one received page at a time in WINFAX PRO Test Drive.]

* Rotate received faxes to a more suitable orientation, by 90, 180 or 270
degrees. When you receive a fax upside down, flip all pages right side
[These features are not available in WINFAX PRO Test Drive.]

* Use four different zoom factors (magnification levels) to view your
[Only the 100% and full page zoom factors are available in WINFAX PRO
Test Drive.]

* Convert faxes to graphic image file formats - PC Paintbrush+ (PCX) and
Tag Image File Format (TIFF). You can modify and reuse fax images in
other applications.
[This feature is not available in WINFAX PRO Test Drive.]

* Select an area from a fax image and copy it to the Windows clipboard.
You can then copy the selected portion of the fax image to another
Windows application.
[This feature is not available in WINFAX PRO Test Drive.]

* Convert received faxes to WINFAX file format. You can then attach a
received fax to send it out as part of another fax.
[This feature is not available in WINFAX PRO Test Drive.]

Managing Faxes, Fax Events and Phonebooks
* Store fax numbers for individuals and broadcast groups in online
directories, called phonebooks. Import names and fax numbers from ASCII
text files to your WINFAX phonebooks. Each phonebook can contain a
total of up to 1,000 individuals and groups, and you can have an
unlimited number of phonebooks.
[These features are not fully functional in WINFAX PRO Test Drive.]

* Schedule faxes to transmit at a future date and time to take advantage
of low rates and international time differences.
[This feature is not available in WINFAX PRO Test Drive.]

* View a list of scheduled faxes waiting to be sent, and received faxes
waiting to be viewed. Delete and reschedule pending fax events.
[These features are not fully functional in WINFAX PRO Test Drive.]

* Review detailed activity logs of previously sent and received faxes.
Each entry includes information on station identifier, resolution,
pages sent and received, status messages and so on. You can delete log
entries, purge the log of all events, resubmit faxes to be sent again,
catalogue received faxes with descriptions and print the contents of
the logs.
[These features are not fully functional in WINFAX PRO Test Drive.]

Compatible Fax/Modem Products
The following is a list of fax/modem products with which WINFAX PRO is
compatible. Delrina Technology is expanding this list on a regular basis, so
if you cannot find your specific model of fax/modem, call


for up-to-date information. (This number is for sales assistance only. Free
Technical product support is not available for the WINFAX PRO Test Drive.)

Send/Receive Fax/Modems
Anchor Automation - Patriot
Best Data - 9624 fax
Calpak - SRM 2496
Cardinal Technologies - MB 2296 SR
CPI - Viva 24/96 IF
Digitan - DS 92
Everex - EverFax 24/96
Fremont Communications - Fax96 with modem
GVC - Fax Modem 9624
Husky - Fax Modem 96
Image Communications - Twin Comm
Incomm - Vision PC 2400, 2405 and 2442
Intel - Connection CoProcessor and SatisFAXtion
Macronix - Max lite and Maxfax 2
Prometheus Products - 2496 BSR
Technology Concepts - OmniLink Laser and OmniLink Fax/Modem
US Robotics/Touchbase Systems - WorldPort 2496
Zoom Telephonics - FC 96/24 and FX 96/24

Send Only (Sendfax compatible) Fax/Modems
Best Communications
Cardinal Technologies
Incomm Data Systems
Logicode Technology
Practical Peripherals
Prometheus Products
Zoom Telephonics

Sendfax compatible send/receive fax/modem for Data World NB320 SXnotebook

Laptop and notebook computers with Sendfax options:

Bitwise Sports SX
Compu Add 316 SL
Compu Add Companion 286
Sharp PC 6220
Texas Instruments TI Travel Mate 2000

Laptop and notebook computers with Class 2 options:

Compaq - Lte, Lte 286 and Lte 386
Toshiba - T1000, T1200, T1600, T2000, T3100 and T3200

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