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Print text from clipboard.
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Print text from clipboard.
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PrintClip Art Krumsee
Clipboard printing

This program allows you to print your text files from the
clipboard. After you place information on the clipboard, double
click on the PrintClip icon to print the text.

** This program requires VBRUN100.DLL. ** (See installation notes

Usage Notes
PrintClip is a Visual Basic application. To use it you must have a
copy of the Visual Basic library, VBRUN100.DLL, in your WINDOWS
directory. Use WIZUNZIP to decompress the file VBRUN1.ZIP (on the
premium disk).

To install PrintClip, decompress the .ZIP file and copy the contents
to a convenient location on your hard disk. With the Program
Manager group active where you want PrintClip to be located, select
File then New. Fill in the boxes and enter the path (for example,
C:\WINDOWS\STARTUP\) followed by PRINTCLP.EXE. You can use the
BROWSE button to find the file. The PrintClip icon will appear in
the active program group.

Then run PrintClip by double-clicking on the icon. You may also
want to have it activate when you load Windows. For Windows 3.0,
put the line LOAD=PRINTCLP.EXE in your WIN.INI file. Under Windows
3.1, just use the Startup group when you install the program.

PrintClip will always display as an icon on your screen. To use it
just double click on the icon. If there is text in the clipboard
(inserted by highlighting the text and selecting Edit Copy in any
Windows application) then it will be printed to the default Windows
printer. It is just that easy.

You must place the information on the clipboard before clicking on
the PrintClip icon.

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