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Financial utility programs for Windows 3.X.
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Financial utility programs for Windows 3.X.
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Contents of the WINFIN.WRI file

1F #####$WINFIN.EXE A Collection of Financial Programs For Windows

This program is a collection of several financial programs.

Installment Loan
US Treasury Bill
Certificate of Deposit
Bankers Acceptance
Compound Interest
Internal Rate of Return
Net Present Value
Modified Internal Rate of Return

The main menu shows this list. Just double click on you choice or move the highlight bar to your choice and click on "RUN". To quit the program, just click on the "QUIT" button in the main menu.

The format of all the programs is essentially the same. Just fill in the known values, click on "CALCULATE" and the unknown values are calculated and shown on the screen. Most of the programs invlove selecting a unknown value to solve. For example, in the BONDS, you would enter values for the Maturity Value in points (100), the Number of bonds, Dates of Purchase and Maturity, the Coupon (in percent not decimal, i.e. 8.5 not .085), and any Fees charged. You then select either Price or YTM button as the KNOWN value and enter this value. Then click the CALCULATE command. Several values are calculated and displayed.

Several of the programs invlove cash flow and you must specify if the amount was PAID (a negative cash flow) or RECEIVED (a positve cash flow). Always enter a positive value and then select Paid or Received. For example, in the MORTGAGE program, if the amount of the ballon is 400.00 and is paid in addition the last payment, enter 400 and and click the PAID button. The last three programs are exceptions. The Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value and Modified Internal Rate of Return programs require you to enter postive values for cash flow received and negative values for cash flow paid.

In many of the programs, when you enter a value and press enter, the cursor moves to then next field to allow you to enter the next value without using the mouse. Upon arrival in a field, the value will usually be set to zero or blank. If you don't want to automatically move the the next field and zero or blank the contents, after you enter a value, don't press enter. Instead, just click on the field you wish to enter the next value.

In date fields, I have set it up so the / between month, day and year is automatically entered for you. Thus to enter the date 02/22/91, just type 022291. If you are a fast typist, you may have to slow down a bit when entering dates to allow the program to enter the / for you.

This program was written using MicroSoft Visual Basic. It requires the runtime file VBRUN100.DLL to be in your path or default directory. This file is included with this program. I quote from the Microsoft Visual Basic Programmer's Guide page 76 regarding this file being distributed with executable files written under Visual Basic:

"No additional license or payment to Microsoft is necessary to distribute copies of the run-time file."

I am uploading this program on the Borland BBS as FREEWARE to individuals who are authorized to download it on Borland BBS. It is for personal use only. I may upoload to CompuServe Windows Forum and request a samll fee on that BBS. I am doing this on the Borland BBS as a small jesture of the tremendous support Ashton-Tate and Borland has provided to its customers and a small token of repayment for a the help and programs I have received from this BBS.

I have used many references to check the results of these programs for accurate results, but no warranty of their accuracy is given. Use at your own risk. Any feedback (good or bad) is most appreciated. ENJOY!

Russell C. Anderson, II, M.S.E, M.D.
Gjetaas, Inc
7251 Mt. Baker Hwy
Deming, WA 98244
(206) 599-2418

BORBBS handle is Peare


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The format of all the programs is essentially the same. Just fill in the known values, click on "C

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