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Hard Drive Park utility for Windows 3.0.
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Hard Drive Park utility for Windows 3.0.
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Contents of the WINPARK.TXT file

WinPark v1.0 Copyright 1990 by CDB. All Rights Reserved.
WinPark is a head parking utility for Microsoft Windows 2.x, the first of its
kind as far as I know. It uses DOS interrupts and Windows calls exclusively
and should therefore work on all PCs, ATs, and PS/2s. WinPark will move the
disk heads to the last cylinder on ALL PHYSICAL HARD DRIVES on the computer.
You will hear a "swish" sound for each PHYSICAL (not logical) hard drive that
WinPark has parked. You may unpark the heads and return to Windows by
pressing the spacebar or clicking on the "Unpark Heard(s)" pushbutton with
your mouse.

NOTE: If you're running Wilson WindowWare's excellent "Command Post" AND
there is a vertical scrollbar on the MS-DOS exec window AND you call
WinPark from a menu selection, part of the the MS-DOS exec's client
window area will go blank for as long as the WinPark window is present.
This is not a bug; it probably has something to do with the fact
that WinPark tries to make sure that no disk accesses occur while
its window is displayed. If you ever decide to unpark the heads,
the MS-DOS window will be repainted without any problems. This
whole thing ONLY happens if the above 3 conditions are present.

Pricing And Distributing
WinPark is absolutely free of charge (refreshing, eh) and it may be freely
distributed. I do, however, ask that

1. No modifications be made to the program or to this documentation file.
2. Both files be kept together when copied or uploaded to a BBS or to an
information network such as CompuServe.
3. No fee be charged for the program (or the distributing or copying of
the program).

Also, if you like WinPark, have found some bug(s) in the program, have
any feasible suggestions/improvements for the program, or might be
interested in recruiting a bright soon-to-be M.S. in Computer Science you
may send me mail at CIS 73707,2334.

Finally, although WinPark has been thoroughly tested and should never cause
any problems, I still have to say that...

DISCLAIMER: WinPark is distributed on an "as-is" basis, with no warranties
for usefulness or suitability expressed or implied. There are no warranties
whatsoever associated with WinPark. The user assumes full responsibility
and liability for any possible damage arising as a consequence of the
use/misuse of WinPark.

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