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Issue #7 of the Windows Programmer's Journal.
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Issue #7 of the Windows Programmer’s Journal.
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HELLO.ZIP 19283 18398 deflated
HELPSAMP.ZIP 16662 16319 deflated
INVID.ZIP 40355 39407 deflated
READ.ME 504 307 deflated
READ.ME2 1299 639 deflated
RTFGEN.ZIP 31026 30133 deflated
SUBMIT.TXT 1190 681 deflated
SURVEY.TXT 2811 878 deflated
WPJV1N7.HLP 113610 95957 deflated
WPJV1N7.TXT 151717 45065 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Windows Programmer's Journal
Volume 1 Number 7
Aug. 1993

The following files are contained in this archive:

WPJV1N7.TXT The magazine in plain text format
WPJV1N7.HLP The magazine in Winhelp format
HELLO.ZIP Beginner's Column source code (Dave Campbell)
READ.ME Guess!
READ.ME2 Stuff about the file format
SUBMIT.TXT How to submit articles to us.

Please distribute this archive as a whole.

Pete Davis and Mike Wallace

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