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Generate .RTF files for Windows help compiler, user supported.
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Generate .RTF files for Windows help compiler, user supported.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

RTFGEN is for you people who are trying to avoid getting involved with
a Rich Text Format (RTF) word processor ($$ and nuisance) just because the
help compiler requires an RTF input file. You can now use your favorite
ASCII editor to produce a file which RTFGEN will then convert to the
proper help compiler format.

Files supplied:

RTFGEN.EXE Converts ASCII file to RTF for help compiler.
HEADING Required by RTFGEN.EXE to produce the RTF file.
RTFGEN.DOCDocumentation for RTFGEN

RTFGEN.PASTurbo Pascal source code for RTFGEN
COMMAND.INCMore source

RTFGENASCII file used by RTFGEN.EXE to produce RTFGEN.RTF.
The help compiler then uses RTFGEN.RTF to produce RTFGEN.HLP
(a Windows help file). RTFGEN also serves as an example
input file.
RTFGEN.HPJHelp project file used by the help compiler.
GLASS.BMPAnother bitmap

RTF.BATBatch file which may be used to call both RTFGEN and HC
(the help compiler) to produce a help file.

The DOC file is formatted to print using the DOS TYPE command. To print
the docs, line up the paper in the printer so the top of the paper is
just under the print head. From the DOS prompt:


The control P turns on the printer. When finished printing, type:


to turn off the printer.

To make the windows help file, RTFGEN.HLP, make sure that RTFGEN, RTF.BAT,
HEADER, RTFGEN.HPJ, and the two bitmap files are in the default directory.
RTFGEN.EXE and HC.EXE should also be in one of the path directories. Then
from the DOS prompt:


produces the help file. To use the windows help file, from Windows, run
WINHELP.EXE and use the file/open command to open RTFGEN.HLP.

You can use either the Windows help file or the DOC
file for documentation--they're approximately the same. The windows
help file shows up the paragraph alignments and examples better tho.

The use of RTFGEN is free. However, if you find it useful, have suggestions,
or find bugs, I'd like to hear from you. Future support, changes will
probably depend on how useful it turns out to be.

Dave Baldwin
Compuserve ID 76327,53

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