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WordPerfect Convertor Update for Word for Windows v2.0 and 2.0a (From Microsoft).
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WordPerfect Convertor Update for Word for Windows v2.0 and 2.0a (From Microsoft).
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-!@-/'%O$FFIIIIIIask Product "Enter the product name."Word for Windows
ask version "Enter the current product version."2.0, 2.0a
ask authr "Enter the author's name."Jeff Brown (jeffb)
ask contents "What are the contents? e.g. 4 Pages, 1 Disk"3 Pages, 1 Disk
ask appnumber "Enter the appnote number."GC0541
ask creationdate "Enter the creation date."04/24/92
ask copyrightdate "Enter the copyright date(s)."1992
ask modifydate "Enter the current month/year (e.g., 7/90)."5/92
ask productlead "Enter the product lead's name."Jeff Brown (jeffb) PSS Conversions Product Lead

Application Note History

Appnote Number:appnumber \*charformatGC0541
Title:AppnoteTitle \*charformatWordPerfect Converter Update
Product:Product \*charformatWord for Windows
Versions:version \*charformat2.0, 2.0a
Original Author:authr \*charformatJeff Brown (jeffb)
Creation Date:creationdate \*charformat04/24/92
Product Lead:productlead \*charformatJeff Brown (jeffb) PSS Conversions Product Lead

Revision Date
Changes by/ Comments

1st Tech Review -- Jeffb

1st Edit Review -- Lindaj

2nd Tech Review -- Jeffb

2nd Edit Review -- Lindaj

Proof -- Danas

Please insert a complete disk directory listing for all files that will be included on disk to customer (if applicable):

Volume in drive A has no label
Volume Serial Number is 162B-16D6
Directory of A:\

WPFT5 CNV 207728 04-04-92 1:19p
1 file(s) 207728 bytes
1006080 bytes free

Microsoft Product \* charformatWord for WindowsSYMBOL 212 \f "Symbol"

Version \* charformat2.0, 2.0a
Product Support Services

WordPerfectSYMBOL 226 \f "Symbol" Converter Update
Application Note

contents \* charformat3 Pages, 1 Disk
modifydate \* charformat5/92 - AppNumber \* charformatGC0541

print \p para "wp$box .99 setgray fill"INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS DOCUMENT AND ANY SOFTWARE THAT MAY ACCOMPANY THIS DOCUMENT (collectively referred to as an Application Note) IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND/OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and the use of this Application Note. This Application Note may be copied and distributed subject to the following conditions: 1) All text must be copied without modification and all pages must be included; 2) If software is included, all files on the disk(s) must be copied without modification (the MS-DOS utility diskcopy is appropriate for this purpose); 3) All components of this Application Note must be distributed together; and 4) This Application Note may not be distributed for profit. Copyright copyrightdate \*charformat1992 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.Microsoft and MS-DOS are registered trademarks and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.WordPerfect is a registered trademark of WordPerfect Corporation.This document was created using Microsoft Word for Windows.

Included with this application note is a disk containing the latest update of the WordPerfect converter for Microsoft Word for Windows, which you recently requested. This is the first update since Word for Windows version 2.0a was released in February 1992. The converter on the enclosed GC0541 disk corrects several of the problems most commonly encountered by customers and problems we discovered in our own testing.


To use the updated converter, copy the WPFT5.CNV file from the enclosed disk to your Word for Windows program directory (usually C:\WINWORD) by inserting the disk in drive A and typing

copy a:\wpft5.cnv location
where location is the path to your Word for Windows program directory. For example:

copy a:\wpft5.cnv c:\winword
Your old WordPerfect converter is automatically replaced, and no further steps are necessary to make use of the new converter.
If you have questions about installing or using the converter, one of our Product Support Services technicians will be glad to assist you. In the United States, call (206)462-WORD (462-9673) between 6:00a.m. and 6:00p.m. Pacific time. Outside the United States, contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. If you do not know the number for your local subsidiary, call Microsoft International Customer Service at (206) 936-8661 to obtain the number.

Corrections Included in the Updated Converter
The following table shows the problems that have been corrected in this version of the converter. For more information about WordPerfect document conversion, see the online document CONVINFO.DOC in your Word for Windows program directory.


Documents containing multiple graphics convert too slowly.
The converter uses a new method for converting graphics that decreases the conversion time by a factor of 2 to 10, or higher, depending on the complexity of the original document and the number of graphics it contains. You will notice the greatest improvement with documents that previously had the longest conversion times.

Multiple justifications on a single line are not available in Word for Windows.
Word for Windows does not have a paragraph-level format equivalent to WordPerfect's Center and Flsh Rgt justification codes. Many WordPerfect documents use these codes to mix left-justified, centered, and right-justified text on a single line. The same results are obtained in Word for Windows using tab stops. The converter now emulates the center and flush-right justification formats by using a combination of left justification plus tab stops.

Symbol mapping is not complete.
In addition to existing support for all WordPerfect characters found in standard MS-DOS United States or European code pages 437 and 850 that also have equivalents in the Windows ANSI character set, nearly every other commonly used symbol (for example, SYMBOL 212 \f "Symbol" or SYMBOL 68 \f "Symbol") now converts. We have added mappings for all symbols that are found in both WordPerfect's character sets and the Windows Symbol font.

"This is not a valid style name" error occurs.
The error message "This is not a valid style name" and/or an unrecoverable application error (UAE) or a general protection (GP) fault can occur when you convert a WordPerfect document that contains a blank style name. Because WordPerfect styles require names, a blank style name corrupts the original WordPerfect document. Although this problem is not caused by the Word for Windows converter, the updated converter automatically converts blank style names to underscores so that error messages will no longer occur.

Date code formats are incorrect.
All date formats now convert correctly.

Long document names are lost.
WordPerfect's long document names are now converted to the Word for Windows Title field in the File Summary Info dialog box.


Graphic/text box positioning is inaccurate.
Positioning (anchor type and horizontal/vertical relevance to page, column, and so forth) of WordPerfect graphic boxes (including Figure, Table, Text, and User) is now more accurately converted to Word for Windows Frame positioning.

A font is sometimes not reset after WordPerfect Large size codes.
This problem has been corrected.

WordPerfect Large size is sometimes converted to an incorrect font size equivalent.
This problem has been corrected.

The font size sometimes remains small after a footnote reference mark.
This problem has been corrected.

Paragraph format changes following a footnote are sometimes lost.
This problem has been corrected.

Text expands to fill a fully justified line.
Previously, if a fully justified line of text in WordPerfect fell just before a column break, the text was stretched to fill the entire line in Word for Windows. The converter now inserts a paragraph mark to prevent this.

A hard hyphen or nonbreaking space is incorrectly followed by a space.
This problem has been corrected.

The 24-hour clock shows single digits without a leading 0 (zero) in the Time format.
This problem has been corrected.

Two issues that are not conversion problems but that deserve clarification include:

Some bitmap graphics don't print after conversion.
This problem, most commonly encountered with TIFF format graphics, occurs only under Microsoft Windows version 3.0. Upgrading to Windows 3.1 corrects this problem.

Custom sizes for WordPerfectLarge, Fine, and so forthare not retained.
WordPerfect allows you to change the default scaling percentages for Size formats. The custom percentages are stored in a special settings file and not in the document itself. Because the converter does not look for the settings file (which cannot be assumed to be available), the converter is forced to use the default percentages, which may slightly change the size of characters that were originally formatted with the Size command.
Note that opening the document in another installed copy of WordPerfect also results in the percentages changing because a different settings file will be in effect.

WordPerfectSYMBOL 226 \f "Symbol" Converter UpdatePage page1

Microsoft Product Support Services

Microsoft Product Support Services

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`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'h`'`'}HH&'()"$<>! # f !!!""\"~""""""""#mlH&`'
List3-Notebanner2banner1Normal CodeFix Headings BugBF`'
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/'A'Q%%/$%`X:e5$"#d5 !"[TimesSymbol"Helvetica
1Courier"UNIVERS (E1)Times New Roman
Tms Rmn3PSyAQT~5:=n.:O`m%U$Xo
d$$O%P%%%%%b5u&d5&)'+'-'"hC:\APPS\WINWORD\20A\APPNOTE.DOTWordPerfect Converter UpdateConversionsRThis is the first converter update since release of Word for Windows version 2.0a.
Jeff Brown
Linda Johnson

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