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NeoView - version 1.4b replacement Desktop Manager for Windows.
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NeoView – version 1.4b replacement Desktop Manager for Windows.
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Download File NEOVIEW.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file


Welcome to NeoView! v1.4b
Desktop Manager for Windows
Copyright 1991-1992 by Andrew Bruce Beery

Shareware release 1.0 (1.4b) January 24, 1992

Requires: 286 or higher CPU with two or more meg of RAM,EGA/VGA
Windows in STANDARD or ENHANCED mode. Recommend
386/486 with 2 plus meg of RAM + VGA

If you downloaded this file seperately then you will need to
also download the file NEOVIEW.ZIP to actually get the program.

Be sure to view the NEO_LOOK.BMP picture! (800x600)

Support SHAREWARE! Register Neoview today and receive free updates
for 12 months. Send $5.00 (five US dollars/check/MO) to:

Andrew B. Beery
13100 Jay Laymen Drive
New Concord, Ohio 43762

Neoview provides the many of the same features and ease of use found
in programs like Norton Desktop for Windows and to a lesser extent
HP New Wave.

The big difference is these programs cost between $90 - $150. Neoview
is just $5.00 ...I'm not asking much! ...but if you use this program
and don't send any money then I won't be able to offer the fantastic
improvements I have planned for the next year. Remember upgrades
for the next year will be free! *** ALSO IF YOU WANT OR NEED A
CUSTOM MODIFICATION to this program contact me on GENIE {BeerysBit}
and I will attempt to make the change for you (free for Registered owners).


NeoView is a "Mac-like"(Norton Desktop, HP NewWave...) desktop manager
intended to reduce the need or desire to exit to DOS during any
Microsoft Windows 3.x session.

Neoview is intended to reside WITH the program manager on your
WINDOWS desktop.

INSTALLING: (An automatic installation program disk is available by asking)
VBRUN100.DLL to your WINDOWS directory

ex: copy neoview.cnf c:\windows {ENTER}
copy muscle.vbx c:\windows {ENTER}
copy vbrun100.dll c:\windows {ENTER}

2) create a new directory on your hard drive called

ex: c: {ENTER}
cd\ {ENTER}
md nv {ENTER}

3) create a new sub directory called

ex: md c:\nv\acc

4) copy all files (including the ones in step 1) to
the new directory

5) edit the WINDOWS file called WIN.INI. This file
can be found in the same place you copied the files
to in step 1.


after [WINDOWS]
add the line LOAD=C:\NV\NEOVIEW.EXE

6) add {drive}:\nv to your PATH statement in your


If you should find any bugs please report them so they can be
fixed. If you find some feature difficult or confusing please
submit your thoughts and/or recommendations. This is the only
way I know to make changes. Remember, if its not user friendly,
its not right!
Known Bug - Some Trident (possibly others as well) video cards seem
to have a problem when large .VBX or .DLLs are loaded in Windows when
screen updates are occuring. A fix is being developed. If you have
this problem you can clean up your screen by going to a non-windowed
DOS application and returning to Windows immediately.

Known Bug - if a disk error occurs when deleting a file the delete
status indicator stays on the screen. This is a cosmetic error
that will be fixed shortly.

Known Bug - in some rare situations launching a program with
parameters will generate a "Path not found" error. Works most of
the time. This will also be fixed very soon.


Easy disk directories ...Double click on DRIVE ICONS to
open a directory window

Easy directory navigation ...Double click on or .. to
move up or down a directory tree

Launch programs by ...Double click on EXE, COM, PIF,
clicking TXT, DOC, WRI, BMP to launch a

Master Drop Down Menu ...Neoview adds a "MAC-like" drop
down menu and drive icons to the
normal Windows desktop. All DOS
file and disk functions can be
accessed from this menu.

Accessories Menu ...Utilities placed in a special
automatically appear in NeoViews
accessories menu.

DOCK Menu ...Use the "Edit DOCK" menu item to
add commonly used applications
along with meaningful descriptions
to the DOCK menu for quick access

Copy/Move/Delete files ...Use the mouse to drag files, folders
or diskettes to other directory
windows, drive icons or the trashcan

Keyboard functions ...SHIFT-mouse click allows multiple
files or directories to be selected.
Drag-drop any file in the list to
carry out the move/copy operation
for all. {Mouse click left then
right also adds selected item to
the copy/move list}

...CTRL-mouse click causes NeoView to
allow the file to be viewed as TEXT
or launched with parameters.

Save Desktop ...Using the "save desktop" menu item
will save the size, shape and contents
of any open (limit 8) directory
windows. The DOCK contents, Drive
icon positioning and configuration
will also be saved.

Diskcopy ...Drag-drop A:to A: or B:to B: initiates
a diskcopy operation. A source image
is read and stored in the Windows
directory in a single pass. NeoView
allows multiple copies to be made
of this image without re-reading
the source.

System Information ...The INFO item under the FILE MENU
provides extensive infomation about
last highlighted file and the system
as a whole including CPU type, speed,
DOS, memory and hardware.

{NOTE: Drive Icons support both repositioning and Drag-Drop operations.
Since Drag-Drop requires the left mouse button the drive icons are
moved by using the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON. This is not a normal Windows
type of operation. Also since the TrashCan is never the in
a Drag-Drop copy/move operation it will allow repositioning by both
the left or right mouse button. Drive View windows(directory windows)
are moved and resized with the left mouse button as is normal for



Release 2.0

-Multiple item highlighting.
-Directory windows will allow iconic display as well as text listings.
-Directory windows will allow user selectable detail (size, date etc.)
to be displayed.
-System Utilities (Disk optimizing, file recovery etc)
-Your requests

Thankyou and enjoy a new level of WINDOWS with the ULTIMATE in cost
effective desktop managers.

Site licence to military, business or clubs especially reasonable!

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