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Windows 3.0 program that draws fractal trees.
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Windows 3.0 program that draws fractal trees.
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Contents of the FRAC.TXT file

This application is a Windows 3.0 application which enables the user to
create realistic tree silhouettes. I would have metafile support in this
version, but sadly, the Windows 3.0 metafile api does not always work well --
especially for large files. The 3.1 version works fine. When Windows 3.1
becomes generally available -- I'll make the upgrade available.

I am the sole author of this program, and I authorize it to be distributed

Feedback is always appreciated. I have other similar programs available,
and I will also be updating this program over time.

Let me know what you think.

Yours, Derrel R. Blain
5112 Victor Street
Dallas, TX 75214
Compuserve, 70743,351

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