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Quick (graceful) Exit from Windows.
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Quick (graceful) Exit from Windows.
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To install STOP, simply copy the STOP.EXE file to the Windows directory on your hard disk. To run STOP automatically, you can either add it to your Startup group in the Program Manager, or add it to the "load=" line in your WIN.INI file.

When STOP is iconicized, you can exit Windows and all open applications by double clicking on the STOP icon. Through the STOP system menu, you can change the default settings to exit Windows when you click once on the icon.

One of the nicest features of Windows is it's ability to communicate between tasks. STOP takes advantage of this by essentially requesting all open applications to close themselves. This allows each application to execute it's own shut down procedure. For instance, a program that has an open file that has been modified can take this opportunity to ask the user to save the file before exiting.

STOP is being distributed as shareware. If you like STOP and continue to use it, please send the $5 registration fee to:

Digital Simulations
46 Dublin Road
Southbury, CT 06488


Michael Gracer
Digital Simulations

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