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WillNote - utility for Win31. Provides a notepad and the ability to "tear off" notes and leave them on the Windows desktop, sort of like a Post-It note.
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WillNote – utility for Win31. Provides a notepad and the ability to “tear off” notes and leave them on the Windows desktop, sort of like a Post-It note.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

WillNotes 2.1 Information File

WillNotes is a handy Post-It that allows you multiple page pads that can be torn off to stick to the screen, allowing easy
access to quick data. Many of the bugs from the original version have been fixed, and a few of the features have been

To install WillNotes you will need to select a directory and copy the following files into it:


Don't expect to be able to load WillNotes 1.0 files, it might work-- don't count on it though.

The tackup.exe is a supplement to WillNotes, you will learn about its usage through experiment or the help file. The
main program is wnotes21.exe-- run it.

The registration information and order form are in the help file. As an additional note, the source code is available to
Visual C++ users for an additional $15.00. Please note that this code is only available to registered users. You may
order it at the time of registration.

Please take the time to register WillNotes, you will certainly find it a handy thing to have around. This program is
shareware and you have thirty days to register it, after which you should discontinue use. There is no need to nag
terribly, but in order for this product to evole, it must be supported, otherwise I don't have the motivation to work on it.
So, it is in your best interest to register if you use. Registered users will be eligble for a shareware sampler of my
current projects through mail, as well as product support and information. Look in the help file for the order form.

Version Information

3.0-- **Projected** Will include OLE2 support as a full server. This will allow you to stick notes into any OLE2
compliant application. This version will be made available free to registered users through direct mail.

2.1-- Fixes GDI heap consumption problems (a note on this, if anyone has any information on
using control color processing with Visual C++, please email it to me at
[email protected]) and incorporates a more flexible tearing off scheme
allowing the user to select the notes that they want torn. Improved file handling and menu
toolbar integration allow different workstyles. The new status bar displays the current
page. 3-D controls removed-- they got boring. Color support changed to TackUp only. The concept
of TackUp became it's own executable, and even though it is quite limited (you can edit but not save)
the supplemental functionality of Tackup extends WillNotes into a multiple-window user interface.

2.0-- Internal bug fixing version not widely released. Allowed rotary 20 page pad with limited
file support and no TackUp ability or tearing off.

1.0-- Original GDI destroying monster guaranteed to take down your system with 50 page turns
or even less on a bad day. However, it incorporated a great toolbar and color support.

If you have any question email me at my school account or write to my home address.
Also, if for some reason you find an odd bug (ohhh, the shame) feel free to email or write me and I will move quickly
to remedy the situation. As always, I am open to suggestions regarding this or any other product.

[email protected]

Will Ballard
410 Lincoln Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

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