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Patch file for Xtree for Windows.
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Patch file for Xtree for Windows.
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Contents of the XTWFIX.TXT file

XTWFIX Utility Version 1.0 Sept. 9, 1992

XTWFIX is a small utility program provided by XTree Company to
correct an existing problem in the XTree for Windows application. It
modifies one of the DLL files which was installed from the XTree
for Windows installation diskettes.

Symptoms which XTWFIX fixes:

The following is a list of some of the symptoms of the problem which
the XTWFIX program fixes:

+ Upon launching XTree for Windows, Windows terminates and returns
control to DOS.

+ After running XTree for Windows, DOS gets corrupted so that when
executing a program from a DOS shell, an error message (such as
Out of Memory or Invalid COMMAND.COM) is displayed.

+ After running XTree for Windows, exiting Windows to return back
to DOS causes the computer the lock up, requiring a reboot.

The symptoms only appear on some machines, under certain configurations.
Also, the problems seem more prevalent under Windows running on a
386 processor in Enhanced Mode.

Running the fix program:

The XTWFIX.EXE utility is a program which will apply a patch
to the appropriate XTREEWIN module. The XTWFIX program is a
DOS program, and can be run either under stand-alone DOS, or
from a DOS shell while Windows is running.


1) Copy the xtwfix.exe program into your xtreewin directory.

2) Execute the xtwfix.exe program with no command line options.

For example, from the Program Manager from within Windows,
type the sequence of commands:

Alt-FRcommand (this starts a DOS shell)
cd c:\xtreewin (specify your xtreewin directory)
xtwfix (this runs the patch program)
exit (return control back to Windows)

If the program executes properly, it will display the following

xtwdcfs.dll (DPMI fix): patched

Otherwise, an error message will be displayed. In this case,
please contact XTree Technical Support (805-541-0604).

If after successfully executing the patch program you still
experience some of the above listed symptoms, please contact
XTree Technical Support for further assistance.

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