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Another trash can for Windows 3.1.
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Another trash can for Windows 3.1.
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Contents of the DUSTBIN.WRI file

2*~Dustbin version 1.2.


Before using Dustbin, you must do the following:

-Create a dustbin directory where deleted files can be stored.

On startup the Dustbin directory defaults to C:\DUSTBIN. Using
this directory for anything else could damage important files.


-Create a C:\DUSTBIN directory, with DOS or the File Manager.
-Follow the installation instructions below.


-Create a Dustbin directory as outlined above.
-Copy DUSTBIN.EXE and DUSTBIN.WRI to a fixed drive.
-Install DUSTBIN.EXE into a Program Manager group in the usual way.
-Start Dustbin.
-Double click on the activated Dustbin icon.
-Customize Dustbin to your needs.
Remember to change the Saved directory (Dustbin directory) to a safe directory.


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Dustbin is a Windows 3.1 trashcan. With it, you can drag files from the Windows 3.1 File Manager and drop them on the Dustbin, thus deleting them.

Saved directory:
Informs Dustbin where to store deleted files.

Delete thrown files:
If this option is selected then Dustbin will delete dropped files without storing them in the Saved directory.

Save thrown files:
If this option is selected then Dustbin will delete dropped files and store them in the Saved directory.

Always on top:
Instructs Dustbin to always keep itself visible.


-Works only on systems running Windows 3.1.

-Cannot store whole directories, they will be deleted.
-Cannot delete files from the Saved directory.
-Cannot delete items from the Program Manager.

Dustbin is FreeWare and may thus be given away, but never sold.

All suggestions, bug reports etc. should be send to the Internet address below:

[email protected]

Always keep in mind that programs, which delete files, should be used with caution. xvrn)j;fTb^zZzVzRzN

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